Where Is Michael Kay Yankees Announcer? Is He Sick Or Is He On A Vacation?

Michael Kay is an American sportscaster from the city of New York. He is best known for calling the games of the New York Yankees on TV.

He has also been the host of CenterStage on the YES Network. He used to work for MSG as a reporter in the locker room of the New York Knicks.

The person from the Bronx got a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Fordham University. After that, he got a job as a general assignment writer for the New York Post in 1982.

Kay and Sterling were also the team’s radio announcers on WABC for ten years, from 1992 to 2001. In 1998, they worked together on a daily radio show on WABC called Sports Talk with John Sterling and Michael Kay.

Michael Kay

Michael Kay

Where Is Michael Kay Tonight?

The sportscaster is sick, so he won’t be on The Michael Kay show tonight. He will join the program as soon as he is fully better from his illness. Fans want to know where Michael Kay is since he hasn’t been on his show.

The Yankees’ voice joins New Jersey native Don La Greca and DJ Peter Rosenberg, who does a lot of different things. They are all on The Michael Kay show.

In New York City, the show is on WEPN-FM 98.7 ESPN New York. It is also on the YES Network and Sirius XM Radio channel 202 at the same time.

Is Michael Kay Sick Or On Vacation? Does He Have COVID?

Michael Kay is sick and can’t call the games for the New York Yankees on TV. After getting COVID-19, he said on Twitter that he wouldn’t be able to watch “KayRod” on ESPN on Sunday night.

Reports say that the sportscaster got COVID for a second time. So, he was not there to broadcast the match on Sunday.

Kevin Conners replaced him on the ESPN2 broadcast of the Sunday Night Baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies. The game was between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Where Has Michael Kay Yankees Announcer Been?

The last few days, Michale Kay hasn’t been on his show. Since COVID-19 made him sick, he will soon be taking a break.

Rodriguez sent out a tweet wishing his co-host a speedy recovery.

In response to ESPN’s popular “ManningCast” for Monday Night Football, Kay and Rodriguez have started a similar show for Major League Baseball (MLB).

While interviewing visitors, the team gives more casual coverage of the event.

So, he wasn’t there to talk about the Sunday game between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Guardians.

In a previous press release, ESPN said that Kay and Rodriguez would call the game between the Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday.

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