Where is Jeremy Leininger Now After the Murder of Clark Calquhoun?

Where is Jeremy Leininger Now After the Murder of Clark Calquhoun?

Clark Calquhoun

Clark Calquhoun

On December 31, 2016, Clark Colquhoun’s partner reported him missing from his Rainier home, and the police immediately took action to ensure his safe return. But on January 29, 2017, after Clark’s body was discovered in Cowlitz County’s Coweeman River, the case was upgraded to a homicide inquiry. The show “American Detective With Lt. Joe Kenda: Mr. X” on Investigation Discovery details the horrible killing and demonstrates how the subsequent police investigation resulted in the capture of the murderer. Let’s explore the specifics and learn more, shall we?

Clark Colquhoun’s Cause of Death

Although Clark Calquhoun had modest origins, he had high expectations for the future. He was never afraid to work hard to get what he wanted. In Rainier, Washington, Clark was a ranch hand who lived and worked there. Those who knew the 53-year-old said he was a conscientious worker. He always treated his superiors with respect, and he interacted civilly with his coworkers. Furthermore, Clark was known for being exceedingly generous, which made it harder to accept his premature passing.

No stone was left unturned as search teams combed the ranch and the surrounding environs in search of the missing guy. Eventually, on January 29, 2017, police received word that a male body had been discovered floating in Cowlitz County’s Coweeman River. As soon as the body was found, the police recognized it as Clark Calquhoun’s and concluded that he had been deceased for at least a month. Interestingly, an autopsy revealed that although Clark was fatally shot twice, his spinal cord was also wounded by a stab wound to his back.

Who killed Clark Calquhoun?

Unfortunately, there were few initial leads for the authorities to pursue, which caused the investigation to move at a crawl. In addition, Clark’s friends were baffled as to why somebody would wish to harm the friendly ranch worker in such a cruel way. Jeremy Leininger became the prime suspect because it was shown that he was the last person to see Clark alive, although maintaining his innocence when questioned. On top of that, Jeremy claimed Clark stole money and said he last saw him heading towards the property gate.

Fortunately, the next breakthrough didn’t take long to come about since two of Jeremy’s buddies who shared a ranch approached the police. They asserted that they were aware of Jeremy’s potential and mentioned that the ranch owner’s son had admitted to killing Clark in their presence. As a result, armed with solid proof, the police started tracking Jeremy’s phone on the day of the murder and discovered that he made a stop at his friend John Perry’s home before the two of them traveled to the scene where Clark’s body was found.

What has become of Jeremy Leininger?

Surprisingly, Jeremy’s bail was set at a high $2.5 million, which his parents fully paid while he awaited his trial. But in 2017, after being tried in court, Jeremy was found guilty of murder and given an 18-year prison term. John Perry, on the other hand, entered a plea of guilty to the allegations leveled against him and was imprisoned for a total of 12 months in the same year. Jeremy is therefore still imprisoned at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington, as he is still ineligible for release.

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