Where Is HGTV’s Saving The Manor Filmed?

Throughout the season of “Saving The Manor,” which airs on HGTV, viewers follow homeowners Dean Poulton and Borja De Maqua as they work to renovate their manor. The couple claimed that the repairs were necessary because they wanted to raise a family, but the amazing buildings, such as a mediaeval manor house, are guaranteed to leave viewers in a state of amazement. In addition, the audience has been mesmerised, not only by the architecture of the Tudor period, but also by the breathtaking natural scenery that surrounds the huge mansion in which it is set. If you have ever wondered where the movie “Saving the Manor” was shot, there is no need for you to worry since we have the answers for you right here!

Dean Poulton and Borja De Maqua

Dean Poulton and Borja De Maqua

Saving The Manor Filming Locations

The majority of the shooting took place inside the manor owned by Dean and Borja, which is situated in Coleshill, which is a town in Warwickshire, in the country of England. However, in addition to the county of Warwickshire in the west midlands of England, a few sequences have also been shot in the town of Dorchester, which is located in the county of Dorset. Now, let’s have a look at each place in more depth, shall we?

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Coleshill, Warwickshire

In the region of Warwickshire in England’s West Midlands, you’ll find the quaint little town of Coleshill. In addition to being very attractive and exuding a lovely atmosphere that is reminiscent of the English countryside, the town also has the river cole flowing through it, which adds to its allure. Borja, a former real estate agent and current surveyor, and Dean, an architect, were both enticed to place bids on a magnificent mansion in March 2018, and it was due to the fantastic environment that they did so.

Due to the fact that the majority of “Saving The Manor’s” scenes take place within Dean and Borja’s home in Coleshill, viewers are given the opportunity to observe the spectacular architecture for themselves. In addition, the manor is comprised of a historic stables structure, a main building that has approximately 65 rooms inside, a servants’ quarters, a Tudor period caretaker’s cottage, and a three-story manor house that is designed in the Gregorian style. In addition, there is a cottage for the gardener as well as a pigsty, and the ancient structures are surrounded by verdant gardens.

Dorchester, Dorset

It may be of interest to readers to learn that the caretaker’s cottage, which was used in the production of “Saving the Manor,” is now available for short-term rentals by tourists. Readers will have the opportunity to see the filming locations for themselves. In addition, the picturesque village that surrounds the estate is a favourite of filmmakers, as evidenced by the fact that it has been used as the setting for a number of different television episodes and documentaries.

Sand & Sushi, a high-end wallpaper manufacturer, calls Dorchester, Dorset, home both to its corporate headquarters and its design studios. In the episode ‘Saving The Manor,’ the characters Dean Poulton and Borja De Maqua employ a variety of individualised wallpapers from Sand & Sushi to spruce up their estate. Therefore, while the proprietor of the high-end wallpaper firm was given her own private tour of the house, cameras were set up in the company’s studio to watch her and her crew as they worked on the tailored wallpapers.

Who are Dean Poulton and Borja de Maqua? Real estate couple is all set to co-host HGTV’s new show Saving the Manor

Saving the Manor will premiere on HGTV on Friday, October 7, 2022 at 10 p.m. and 9 p.m. central time. The real estate duo Dean Poulton and Borja de Maqua will serve as co-hosts of the new show. Both Dean and Borja are going to:

During their appearance on Saving the Manor, the pair will use their “life savings” to complete the restoration of the “property with a nod to true preservation.”

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Saving The Manor’s Dean Poulton and Borja de Maqua complement each other’s skills

Both British citizen Dean Poulton and Spanish native Borja de Maqua were born in March, however 1987 was the year that Borja de Maqua came into the world.

While Borja has become a specialist in cabinet work, Dean is in charge of the plumbing and the electrical work. According to the information that can be found on Dean’s official website, mytinyestate.com, he has spent:

Borja, who was born in Spain, had spent the previous seven years “working in the property industry as an Estate Agent and Surveyor.” He arrived in England in 2011 and received his citizenship in 2021 after settling there.

Borja is not only knowledgeable about the real estate market and what makes a good home, but he also has a strong eye for “gardening and a fascination with anything that has to do with it!” However, before he met Dean, he was completely ignorant regarding do-it-yourself projects. He was so uncoordinated that he “couldn’t even wield a paintbrush.” He stated to HGT,

The pair has been together for a long time and during that time they have “lived in six different houses, redecorated two, and refurbished four.”

The couple from “Saving the Manor” are currently working on a 65-room estate in Warwickshire, which they purchased because they “fell in love” with the location. The couple is currently undergoing extensive renovations to the estate in an effort to “rescue this property.” The pair want to use money that they have earned themselves to restore the estate’s former glory. Dean said:

“We live in a disposable world; even our homes are only expected to last thirty years,” said one commentator. This home has already stood for a couple of hundred years, and when we’re done working on it, we hope it will continue to stand for another couple of hundred.

Saving the Manor‘s Dean Poulton and Borja de Maqua met on a dating app

Borja met the Englishman Dean through the GPS and dating app they both used. When asked about their initial encounter, Dean responded as follows:

After meeting each other again five days later, the couple immediately fell in love with one another. After dating for two months, they decided to take their love to the next level by moving in together after two months, and then purchasing their first home together after three months.

Recently, Dean and Borja celebrated the 10th anniversary of their marriage. As a result of the couple’s commitment to working together throughout their life partnership, they are well prepared to triumph over any challenges that may arise. Dean is of the opinion that if they are able to “endure anything” as a couple after having “done a restoration together in a relationship,” then they “can survive anything.”

This coming Friday, on HGTV, you can see Dean and Borja as they continue to work on Saving the Manor.

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