Where Is Amanda Lewis Now? Adrianna Hutto Mother 911 Call and Documentary

7-year-old American girl Adriana Eileen Hutto resided in Estoe, Florida with her mother, Amanda Lewis.

Adriana’s mother, Amanda Lewis, called 911 on August 8, 2007, claiming to have discovered her daughter unresponsive in the family pool.

AJ began explaining to them how he saw his mother putting Adriana under water while covering her face with her hand.

Adriana was found to have ADHD throughout the examination, and Louis admitted that at first she had difficulty communicating with her daughter, however, her love for Adriana developed over time.

Investigators also discovered that Adrianna and AJ did not appear to have any toys in the house. Lewis responded that the games had been removed for a week as a form of discipline and that they were kept in a shed.

Amand Lewis was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of Adriana in September 2007. She was given the opportunity to accept a plea agreement that would have required a guilty verdict for manslaughter and sentenced him to ten years in prison, but she chose to go to trial rather than that. .

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