Where in the World Does the Wild Croc Territory show on Netflix get Filmed?

Where in the World Does the Wild Croc Territory show on Netflix get Filmed?

Matt Wright and his courageous crew of crocodile wranglers are the subjects of the reality television series titled “Wild Croc Territory,” which is available on Netflix. The series follows them as they travel across one of the roughest frontiers in the world. Because dealing with crocodiles is in his DNA, he and his crew collaborate to capture and rehome some of the most dangerous and largest crocodiles in the world. In doing so, they safeguard both the reptiles and the people who live in areas where they are found.

Kaia Wright, Matt’s wife, travels with him on his perilous and exciting trek through the wilderness to assist him in carrying out the activities that have made him famous. The audience are kept on the edge of their seats throughout each episode as a result of the interactions that he and his squad have with the dangerous maneaters. On the other hand, the rivers and wilderness areas in which the crocodiles hide make one question the location of the filming of “Wild Croc Territory.” If you happen to be such an inquisitive person, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered!

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Locations for Filming in the Wild Croc Territory

The entire production of “Wild Croc Territory” takes place in Australia, more specifically in the Northern Territory of that country. It would appear that main photography for the first edition of the reality series began in the early part of September 2021 and continued through November of the same year. It is a sovereign nation and a megadiverse country with a vast diversity of landforms, including deserts, tropical rainforests, and mountain ranges. Its official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. Therefore, without further ado, let’s take a look at the specific locations where Matt Wright and his team catch crocodiles!

Australia’s Northern Territory

The Northern Territory, a location in Australia’s centre and central northern regions, serves as the setting for all of the most important sequences in the film “Wild Croc Territory.” It would appear that the series shot a significant portion of its episodes in and around Darwin, which is the capital city of the Northern Territory. In addition, the Tiwi Islands, which are located to the north of Darwin and border the Timor Sea, are another location featured in the show where Matt goes crocodile hunting. The Tiwi Islands Retreat is a beautiful beachfront resort that is located on the westernmost edge of Bathurst Island. There, significant sequences are documented there.

During the production of the first season, members of the cast and crew were seen filming numerous important sequences in and near Daly River, which is a town in the Northern Territory that is situated close to the river of the same name. This part of Australia is commonly referred to as “The Territory,” and it is home to a number of national parks and other types of protected land, including the Barranyi (North Island) National Park, the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, the Kakadu National Park, the Howard Springs Nature Park Conservation Reserve, and the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

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The production of a large number of movies and television shows has taken place in the Northern Territory during the course of its history. Some of them include “Australia,” “Black Water,” “Black Water: Abyss,” and “True Colors.”

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