Where in the World Did They Film the GAC Family Episode Called “My Boss’ Wedding?”

Where in the World Did They Film the GAC Family Episode Called “My Boss’ Wedding?”

In the romantic drama film ‘My Boss’ Wedding,’ which was produced by GAC Family and directed by Andrew Cymek, we follow the story of a young woman named Nicole Waters who, along with Michael, the groom’s nephew, is coerced into helping plan her boss Kimberley Price’s upcoming wedding. The wedding is taking place in the near future. Nicole, who is on the verge of receiving a promotion, has been seeking for an opportunity to impress Price. As a result, she has decided to accept this particular project, despite the fact that Michael does not appear to be the kind of person with whom she can collaborate.

In spite of the fact that Nicole and Michael have very different personalities, they manage to collaborate effectively, and the chemistry between them is palpable as they plan the wedding. The captivating and virtuous viewing experience that the audience will have while watching the romance film stems from the fact that it shows how two people as dissimilar as Nicole and Michael may end up falling in love with each other. In addition, the film “My Boss’ Wedding” makes use of a number of fascinating settings, such as the park in which Michael takes his gorgeous corgis for walks, which causes the audience to speculate about the site of the filming. If you are the type of person that is always fascinated about new things, allow us to enlighten you on everything there is to know about them!

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Filming Locations for the Wedding of My Boss

The movie “My Boss’ Wedding” was shot entirely in the Canadian province of Ontario, in particular the Greater Toronto Area. Reports indicate that main photography for the GAC Family movie began in October 2020 and continued for around one month until it was completed in November of the same year. The most populous province in Canada, Ontario is also the second-largest province in terms of total land area. It may be found in the middle of the country.

Even though there are no mountainous regions in the province, there are a number of significant upland regions, particularly within the Canadian Shield. Let us now, without further ado, take you to each and every individual location that is featured in the movie!

The Great American Family is a cable television network that is based in the United States. It is owned by Great American Media and transmits general entertainment programs geared for families. This programming includes both television series and movies made specifically for television.

Details On GAC

Great American Country (GAC), a station dedicated to country music, was the channel’s original name when it was launched in 1995 by Jones Radio Network. After some time, GAC was purchased by Scripps Networks, which was then followed by Discovery Inc. GAC’s format was expanded to include lifestyle programming that was relevant to the American Heartland and the South when Scripps was the owner of the network. Despite this change, the network did continue to air some shows that were tied to country music for a while.

GAC was purchased by a new ownership group known as GAC Media in June of 2021. This group was led by former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott and included Hicks Equity Partners. The network was rebranded as GAC Family on September 27, 2021, and its new layout was designed to be similar to that of Abbott’s previous place of employment, Hallmark Channel. The old format of the country lifestyle network was transferred to Ride TV, which is a second channel that was acquired by GAC Media. Ride TV was simultaneously rebranded as the sister network GAC Living.

GAC was made available to about 59 million television households in the United States as of February 2015, which represented 51% of the country’s pay television subscribers.

History of the Greatest Country in the World

The original logo for Great American Country, which was in use from the debut until 2004.

Logo for the Great American Country (2014–2021).

On December 31, 1995, the channel was officially launched with Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls” as the first music video to be shown on the channel during its inaugural broadcast.

The Jones Radio Network, which had its headquarters in Centennial, Colorado, was the initial owner of the channel.

The Great American Country radio program was purchased from Jones Radio Network by Scripps Networks on October 12, 2004.

Broadcasting & Cable, a trade publication for the television industry, recognized GAC as one of television’s “Breakout Networks” in late 2005. Regarding the channel, the publication stated the following about it: “The emerging GAC is a younger, hipper version [of CMT] that respects Nashville’s country roads but widens the boulevards.”

GAC Nights: Live from Nashville is a syndicated country music radio show that is produced by the network in partnership with ABC Radio Networks (now known as Cumulus Media Networks). The show is broadcast from GAC’s studios on Music Row and is hosted by GAC personalities Suzanne Alexander, Storme Warren, and Nan Kelley. The partnership was announced in December 2007.

Scripps Networks Interactive was initially a division of the E. W. Scripps Company until it was separated and renamed in July of 2008.

On October 1, 2013, the network introduced a new logo that was modeled after the American flag. The acronym “GAC” was replaced with the full name “Great American Country” in the new logo, which was released on the same day. According to the statement made by the network, it intended to stress its transition from a country music-oriented channel to one that places a greater emphasis on “country” as referring to a “feeling of place” and lifestyles in addition to the kind of music that is broadcast on the channel (citing programming such as Celebrity Motor Homes and Farm Kings as examples). Great American Playlist is the new moniker for the daily music video show that was formerly known as Daily Countdown. This was done in conjunction with the channel’s rebranding. In spite of the fact that it had been canceled in December 2018, Top 20 Country Countdown remained to air on the network, and it continued to air country music programs such as Backstory, Introducing, and Origins.

Discovery, Inc. completed the acquisition of Scripps Networks Interactive in March of 2018.

Know About the Great American Family

This version of the GAC Family logo will be in use from September 2021 until August 2022.
GAC Media, an investment group based in Fort Worth and led by private equity investor Tom Hicks and former Crown Media Holdings CEO Bill Abbott, made the announcement that it would acquire Great American Country from Discovery Inc. on June 7, 2021. Discovery Inc. had recently announced its intention to merge with WarnerMedia. Additionally, GAC Media would purchase the equestrian television network known as Ride T
V. In January of 2020, Abbott made a sudden resignation from his position at Crown Media.

The channel was repositioned as a family-oriented general entertainment service with similarities to Hallmark Channel, which Abbot had previously overseen as Crown Media CEO. The announcement that GAC Media would relaunch Great American Country as GAC Family on September 27, 2021, was made in August 2021. The GAC initials were re-backronymed to stand for “Great American Channels.”

Ride TV, which simultaneously relaunched as the sister channel GAC Living, took over the country lifestyle programming format that had previously been broadcast on GAC.

Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area is a territory that comprises the City of Toronto as well as the regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. All of the important scenes for “My Boss’ Wedding” were filmed in various locations in the Greater Toronto Area. One of the key locations that was utilized for the filming of the romantic comedy was Toronto, which is both the provincial capital of Ontario and the most populated city in the country.

Oshawa is a city in Southern Ontario, and during the production schedule, members of the cast and crew were seen filming many sequences in and around the city. In addition, extra footage for the movie was shot in the town of Ajax, which is located in the Durham Region, as well as in the settlement of Port Perry, which is located in Scugog.

The Greater Toronto Area begins at Burlington, which is located in the Halton Region, and continues along Lake Ontario until it reaches Clarington, which is located in the Durham Region. One of the defining characteristics of the Greater Toronto Area is that the majority of the area is comprised of verdant woodlands and fertile farmlands. The Greater Toronto Area is recognized as one of the most important commercial and financial hubs in all of North America. This is due to the fact that the region serves as a distribution, commercial, economic, and financial center.

Not just tourists, but also people working in the film industry come to the area to shoot scenes for their movies. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is an ideal location for filming a wide variety of movies and television series due to the region’s varied scenery. As a result, over the course of its existence, it has served as the location for the creation of a great deal of cinematic work, including the movies “Luckiest Girl Alive,” “Ready or Not,” “What We Do in the Shadows,” “Chucky,” and “Station Eleven.”

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My Boss’ Wedding Cast

In the movie about love drama, Holly Deveaux plays the role of Nicole Waters. Due to the fact that she has participated in a variety of other filming projects during the course of her acting career, some of you may find that her face is instantly recognizable to you. She has roles in the films “Hemlock Grove,” “Spun Out,” “Less than Kind,” “Big Muddy,” “Victoria Day,” “Mutant World,” and “The Phantoms,” among others.

On the other side, Drew Seeley is the one who plays Michael in this production. It’s possible that some of you will recognize him from the roles he played in the films “Chalk It Up,” “I Kissed a Vampire,” and “The Shortcut.” Brigitte Kingsley, who portrays Kimberly Price in the film, Landy Cannon, who portrays Bradley, Rebecca Lamarche, who portrays Rebecca, Alys Crocker, who portrays Janette, and Winny Clarke are the other cast members who play significant roles in the film (Maggie).

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