Where Are Lee Rosenblatt and Colin Speir From Woodstock ’99 Now?

Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang wanted to revive the music festival in 1999 in an effort to restore the spirit of the original film, which took place in 1969. However, the three-day festival soon turned into chaos with people looting and destroying the neighborhood. The three-part documentary series “Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99” on Netflix featured talks with festival organizers. Organizing crew members Colin Speer and Lee Rosenblatt recalled their memories of the event. Let’s find out more about the two, shall we?

Who are Lee Rosenblatt and Colin Spear?

When preparations for Woodstock began, Colin and Lee were in their twenties. Lee was the assistant site manager, and Colin was a member of the production crew. They were initially thrilled to join the group. Lee thought they would be working on a big budget and leading experts in the industry, while Colin was excited to work with Michael. They soon realized that wasn’t the case, and that was the end of it.

On the show, Colin talked about knowing the planning committee was ostensibly trying to save money by taking shortcuts. Lee realized it all started with the concert experience when they said they had been notified that it was finally a commercial establishment. Woodstock’s focus has shifted to financial gains and spending cuts. Lee pointed out that due to the sale of food rights, the team was unable to control prices, resulting in price gouging.

By the second day, Colin began hearing reports of infrastructure failures and the appalling condition of portable toilets. Due to lack of budget, sanitation and sewage departments have been contracted, and according to Li, the performance of subcontractors has not kept pace. The team had one last surprise in store because the disorganization of the show was detracting from the viewing experience.

On the programme, Lee remembers hearing on the radio that a candlelight vigil would take place on the last day, at the end of the last chapter. He immediately said that the fire chief did not agree to such a thing. However, promoter John Scheer allegedly urged Lee to stop talking and change the radio station. The vigil proved to be a mistake because after the event, concertgoers started setting fires all over the place, endangering everyone.

Where are Lee Rosenblatt and Colin Spear now?

The organizing team eventually noticed a decrease in looting, allowing them to exhale in relief. Colin Spear claimed in the episode that Michael never spoke to the group or inquired about their safety, giving the impression that he didn’t care. The next day, he said they were prevented from speaking to the media by the non-disclosure agreements they had to sign. Since then, Colin has moved on with his life and is now a Canadian living in Vancouver. He married Michelle Thorne, and they had a child in 2021.

Lee Rosenblatt started Preferred Touring Solutions, a tour and travel agency that works with high-profile ambassadors, Fortune 500 CEOs, and singers. His background helped him get on the advisory board of a “Problem Solver” company in Washington, DC. Lee later launched Lee Rosenblatt Advisory as well. He takes great pleasure in using a new method to solve difficult problems. Lee, who is still believed to be in Pennsylvania, is determined to promote the causes of God, love, and peace.

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