When did Rory Farquharson and Malia Obama split up? Rumors explained

When did Rory Farquharson and Malia Obama divorce? Rumors explained

Malia, Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s daughter, Sasha, is Malia Obama. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University in Visual Studies.

Obama moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment sector after earning her college degree. She wants to write for films. newly. She was asked to contribute to Donald Glover’s new Amazon Prime series, Hive.

What led to the separation of Malia Obama and Rory Farquharson?

In 2017, Malia Obama and British citizen Rory Farquharson started dating. Both graduated from Harvard University. At the American football match between Harvard and Yale, the duo was initially noticed by the media.

Rory Farquharson is a citizen of the United Kingdom. The former rugby player moved to the country to study law. As Andrew Farquharson’s second cousin, he has ties to the royal family. At Buckingham Palace, Andrew held the position of Assistant Director of Family Affairs.

The last time the media saw her was in November 2021. Some people correctly assumed that Obama and her old boyfriend had broken up. Most likely, the rumors are accurate.

Malia made no public comments on its subject. The real reason for their split has not been revealed publicly on social media yet. The 24-year-old prefers to keep her private affairs private. You can follow her at @obama.malia on Instagram.

Where is Rory Farquharson now?

Rory and Malia have been frequently seen together since their romance began in 2017.

But this is not the case today, because they recently broke up as a result of their breakup.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous pair broke up. Last April, Rory and Malia earned their Harvard degrees. After she completed her legal studies in the United States, Rory likely returned to his home country.

From a wealthy family, Rory Farquharson hails from. He is the son of Charles Farquharson, the current CEO of Insight Investment Management Limited.

Similarly, his mother Catherine works as an accountant at the High Court of London. According to reports, his family lives in a six-bedroom property worth $2.2 million in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Dwight Ecklund, Malia Obama’s new boyfriend

Within nine days, Malia Obama and musician Dwight Ecklund were photographed three times, according to media sources. They were recently caught socializing at the Los Angeles Country Museum. Are they a couple? probably.

Obama received a hug from Ecklund, who put a hand on his waist. On July 26 they were seen having lunch, and on August 2 they were seen taking a leisurely stroll together.

Eklund is a well-known musician and founder of the Ethiopian music company 1432 R, which is located in Washington. He is nine years older than Malia and is 33 years old. Reliable reports indicate that Dawit and Malia are in a relationship.

The closeness between Malia and Sasha Obama, the daughters of the former first lady, was revealed in April. They gave very little information about their love partners.

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