What took place at the St. Louis Yaquis Pizza? Internet Outraged At Racist Owner’s Customer Treatment

What took place at the St. Louis Yaquis Pizza? Internet Outraged At Racist Owner’s Customer Treatment

Yaquis Pizza St Louis

Yaquis Pizza St Louis

Racism is charged against the Yaquis Pizza proprietors in St. Louis. Online users are discussing a video in which a man calls them out for being racist.

After a video of a man criticizing the proprietors for being racist went viral, Yaquis Pizza in St. Louis was caught up in a scandal for covering up their actions. A Palestinian man allegedly received advice to go back to his own country from two store proprietors.

What took place at the St. Louis Yaquis Pizza?

A lot of people have seen the currently popular video in which a guy accuses the Yaquis Pizza owners in St. Louis of racism. A minute of footage, according to several online users, does not adequately convey the complete story.

While some claim the evidence is phony, others think the proprietors were racist. A Reddit user also mentioned that his friend, who had been employed by the store for the previous six years, had told him the entire account of what had happened.

The proprietor, Becki, had repeatedly requested the man, whose name is reportedly Jeff, to stop throwing trash from their cricket business into the trash can of their pizza shop. Then, Jeff is allegedly inspired to pester Beckie and use derogatory language toward her.

Then, when she is in danger, her spouse shows out outside to assist her with the patio. Jeff was upset because he was warned not to use a dumpster that his firm does not pay for, and she is being yelled at while being informed of this.

As a result, it is claimed that the couple merely requested that he return to his business rather than to their nation. Many people have found this account to be credible, although some still have doubts.

Racist claims made online about Yaquis Pizza owners

When Beckie urged Jeff to leave his store and stop invading their patio, the employee of Yaquis Pizza said that the man was cursing at her. The store staff urged everyone to use caution when deciding which online posts to believe.

Since they have a varied crew and care about their neighborhood, the employee reported that nobody has ever been told to return to their place of origin. The employee went on to claim that nobody who runs this company or works there would ever say anything racist or xenophobic, much less instruct someone to “go back to their country.”

Due to the fact that the name of their business is associated with the Yaqui Native tribe, they claimed not to be racists. And one of them is Francis’ family. They are an indigenous group located in southern Arizona and northern Mexico.

Was the alleged victim a patron at Yaquis Pizza who was Palestinian?

There are rumors that a Palestinian patron of Yaquis Pizza St. Louis is the victim of bigotry. That person’s identity hasn’t yet been determined, though.

However, some said that it wasn’t a customer but rather a nearby pizza shop’s store owner. Apparently, they got into a fight about the Palestinian man using the pizza shop’s dumpster.

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