What Is You Know I Be With Gorillas Ooga Ooga Song Lyrics? Meaning & Trend Explained | Read

You Know I Be With Gorillas Ooga is a tune by Chief Keef named Tony Montana Flow.

This tune has 352,736 views on YouTube and is currently moving due to its rhythms and verses on TikTok, with 2 minutes and 25 seconds of playing time.


His Youtube channel has 1.72 million followers and over 660 million views. The most noteworthy views were “obtained” by over 117 million perspectives.

Lyrics of Song What Do You Know I’m With Gorillas Ooga TikTok? Being with the Gorilla Oga is one of the most influential tunes on Tiktok in 2022. The most used verse piece in TikTok recordings is

I’ll leave my chain and my wrist to a handful

You can have Gyro’o, No Tzatziki

In do not dare Medusa

You know I’m with Gorillas Ooga Ooga

Even when I’m alone I’m a noodle hammer

Pulled, on Em, Dooka Dooka

These verses hit nearly 15 seconds long but add tempo to the entire melody.

You know I’m with Gorillas Ooga TikTok Song Trend which means you know I’m with Gorillas Ooga TikTok Song Trend is the most important tune of TikTok content in July of 2022.

This tone has shifted to another style where content creation is dominated by African American individuals from the black group.

bigekane you know i be with the gorilla that i saw my bd 😈😈

Detective says – Sosa>

Content type is basically lips. Whereas the inventors would often go for the gorilla role in “You Know I’m Going Gorillas Ooga.” And imagine shooting the “Pulled up, on Em, Dooka” part.

Whites tried not to provide content in his melody in light of the association of racial insults. Whatever the case, we think no one should fall for this time.

Unique Tony Montana-Medusa Sosa Song By Chef Kev The original song by Tony Montana-Medusa Sosa, composed and sung by President Kyiv, is now moving as you know I am with Gorillas Ooga.

The first authority video contains more than 352K perspectives and was officially submitted by OnlyTheGlo

The tune introduced a year ago has unexpectedly skyrocketed to a drift in 2022. In light of the hip-hop chapter, TikTokers all over the planet are sharing the tunes.

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