What Is Baby I Just Need To Set The Mood On Tiktok Song? Lyrics And Meaning

Woo is a breakup song with various emotions and sad events. The lyrics begin as ‘I bet she could never make you cry ‘Cause the scars on your heart are still mine.’ 

In this tune, Rihanna is speaking to her ex-boyfriend. The versatile singer communicates that she is better than his new partner. She sings, ‘I bet she is eating off your dreams, let me know when you are ready to bleed.’

As the song progresses, the tone becomes mournful. With the lines ‘Run it back as you owe me some’ & ‘send for me’, Rihana also informs her former lover to call her back. 

The second verse of the melody shows her feelings. Her lyrics ‘I’ve been thinking bout ya’ & ‘Yeah, I’ve been feeling lonely too’ shows Rihanna is unconvinced with her ex-lover. 

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