What Illness Does Mona Haydar Have? Her Health Condition, What Happened To Her?

Mona Haydar did not suffer any serious terminal illness but was under a lot of mental distress in 2012, making her question her reason for living.

The mental conflict was caused by the death of a close friend of the rapper who committed suicide which made her suffer emotionally and mentally.

Mona has now healed from her mental and emotional scars from her loss through her journey into the inter-spiritual community and retreat center called Lama Foundation.

Haydar left her job in Flint and moved to Lama Foundation, where she met the love of her life, helping her heal and find a new version of herself.

In 2015, Mona, along with her husband, invited people to their stand in Cambridge to “Talk to a Muslim,” where they offered the people coffee, flowers, and donuts to relace trauma with love.”

The couple is now happily married, and Mona Haydar has completely healed from her mental scars and is trying got heal others as well.

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