What Happened To Vin Scully First Wife Joan Crawford? Update On Their Children

From 1950 until 2016, Vin Scully was a sports announcer best known for announcing Los Angeles Dodgers games in Major League Baseball.

Vin called the majority of Dodgers home games on SportsNet LA television and KLAC radio during his final season in the booth.

Vin Scully First Wife Joan Crawford

Vin Scully First Wife Joan Crawford

Vin Scully First Wife Joan Crawford: What Happened To Her?

In 1958, Vin Scully wed Joan Crawford, and the two went on to enjoy a blissful marriage. For fifteen years, they had been wed. But she went unexpectedly at the age of 35 in 1972.

In latter years of his life, he wed Sandra Hunt. Sandra lost her lengthy fight with ALS on Sunday at the age of 76. Sandi was born on December 27, 1944, in Cascade, Virginia.

While serving as the Los Angeles Rams’ executive assistant in the early 1970s, she met Scully.

Hunt and Scully got hitched in November 1973. Under his wings, Hunt was a breath of fresh air.

How Did Joan Crawford Die?

An unintentional medicinal overdose claimed Joan Crawford’s life. According to the coroner’s report, Joan overdosed on medication meant to aid in her recovery from a severe cold and bronchitis.

On the internet, there aren’t many data about Joan, but she seemed to be a devoted wife who took care of her husband.

Her spouse, Vin Scull, also passed away. At the age of 94, he passed away on August 2, 2022.

His passing was reported by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday. At first, no cause of death was mentioned.

The TV personality started his broadcasting career at Fordham University after serving in the Navy for two years. He played baseball, including a game against future president George H.W. Bush, a member of the Yale University baseball team, as well as officiated football and basketball games.

Vin got his big break in sports announcing after graduating and landing a job as a fill-in at WTOP in Washington, DC.

He first encountered Red Barber, Scully’s mentor, at WTOP. Red carried him with him when the Dodgers recruited him in 1950, and in just three years, at the age of 25, he became the World Series’ youngest ever announcer.

A year later, Vin took over as the Dodgers’ lead announcer when Red left to work for the nearby New York Yankees. After moving to Los Angeles with the Dodgers in 1958, Vin kept that post until his retirement in 2016.

Joan Crawford’s Net Worth Before Death

Vin Scully’s wife, Joan Crawford, was well-known for being a sportscaster. Although the precise amount of her net worth has not been made public, it is believed to be greater than $100,000.

Her husband’s estimated salary was $3 million, and his estimated net worth was $25 million.

The sportscaster signed his first deal with the Brooklyn Dodgers on December 23, 1949. The agreement paid $100 per week for the roughly 30-week baseball season. That came to about $32,000 each year, or $3,000 per season, once inflation was taken into account.

Between 1990 and 2008, he made $1 to $1.5 million annually. From 2008 on, his pay rose to $3 million annually.

The television celebrity invested $1.587 million in an 11,600 square foot residence in Hidden Hills, California, in 2001.

Consider that Paul George paid $7.4 million for the property next door in 2016 to get an idea of the worth of his home. In 2020, Paul put his house on the market for $9.5 million. Vin’s land is 2 acres, compared to Paul’s 1.3 acres.

How Many Children Did They Have?

The three children that Vin Scully had with his ex-wife Joan Crawford are named Kevin Scully, Michael Allen Scully, and Erin Scully. The loss of his wife left the sportscaster in a terrible position.

Vin’s oldest child, Michael, was 33 when he lost his life in a helicopter accident while employed by the ARCO Transportation Company.

His son was checking oil pipes for leaks in the aftermath of the Northridge earthquake in January 1994 near Fort Tejon, California.

The sportscaster acknowledged that Michael’s passing troubled him, but in multiple interviews, he claimed that his religious conviction and being able to resume his job helped him deal with the load and anguish of losing his wife and son.

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