What Happened To Vic Sotto Pumanaw NA? Latest Death News Update – Is He Dead? | Read

Vic Soto, Filipino artist, famous for his death. What is going on with him? We shall investigate the full story in this article.

The 68-year-old Filipino Artist Marvic Valentin Castelo Sotto was born on the 28th of April 1954, in Manila, Philippines.. Apart from being an artist, he is a clown and singer, and is well known for his TV shows.


Sotto is not only famous in the Philippines but also important parts of Europe and Asia. He has worked with some supposed TV stations in the Philippines, including GMA Network, TV5 and ABS-CBN.

What’s more, his private life has not been out of contention. In 1982, 14-year-old artist Pepsi Paloma blamed Soto and two other humorists for the assault.

What happened with Vic Soto? Pumanaw na- Is he dead? Nowadays, the expression “Vic Sotto Pumanaw na” is transmitted on the web, meaning that the artist is dead. Many people think that the Filipino artist is dead.

Anyway, no authority website confirmed the news. Basically, his virtual entertainment accounts are still dynamic, and he made a post on Facebook just a few seconds ago.

Thus, at this point, we can expect that the 68-year-old artist is alive and strong. Moreover, the family and companion of the artist did not answer anything to the entertainment web reports.

In addition, the Filipino humorist has been the victim of fake news in various events. At once, Pauline reminded his companions to identify fake virtual entertainment accounts.

Latest Death News Update for Vic Soto The web world once began to mourn the passing of Filipino singer, artist and comedian Vic Soto. Here’s the latest update on his illness.

Assuming sources will be accepted, the Manila-based artist hasn’t faced any well-being challenges recently. There is no such news regarding his illness.

In any case, regarding his age, we can not get rid of the fact that the artist may have died. In any case, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder to get the reality that the powers that be have not distributed anything in regards to its destruction.

Vic Soto’s wife details explored Vic Soto hooking up with his later wife, Pauline Luna, in 2016. Already, he was linked to Dina Bonifi. Anyway, his union with Diane was dissolved in 1992.

His constant partner, Luna, is also a Filipino artist and TV personality. She rose to fame following her appearance on GMA Network’s Eat Bulaga! The 33-year-old artist shares her 35-year-old holeshot with Soto.

In addition, the 68-year-old Filipino craftsman is the father of five children, including Danica, Oyo and Vico. In 2017, he and Pauline invited a young girl.

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