What happened to Theresa Wesolowski, a woman from Wisconsin?

The horrific murder of Teresa Wisowski will be covered in the next episode of People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the ’90s. In 1999, the 22-year-old woman was discovered dead of stab wounds on the side of a road near her workplace.

The next episode, 1999: Roadside Murder, will premiere on August 12, 2022. The investigation will transport viewers back to 1999, when the hardworking Wesolowski was murdered by a co-worker.

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Authorities spent years trying to solve the case because the murder was anything but simple, and the perpetrator ended up being the most likely suspect. Germantown, Wisconsin, a small town, was shaken by this tragedy and negatively affected forever.

Keep reading to learn more about the murder of Teresa Wisowski.

What happened to Teresa Wisowski? from you?

Teresa Wisowski was born in Germantown, Wisconsin, in May 1977. She started working two jobs after earning her degree in 1995 and started saving money to buy a house and a car. Her friends and acquaintances praised Teresa for having a likable personality and great business potential.

On the sad night of May 28, 1999, her promising life was suddenly cut short. A co-worker discovered her about a block from the factory where she was working. She was allegedly found by a co-worker with bloody face down around her. She was stabbed multiple times – nearly 47 – in the front of her body and in the neck, according to authorities.

The authorities immediately decided that the incident involved a furious murder. They shrugged off theft as a possibility after finding out she had all her money in her wallet. The presence of tire and shoe prints in the area indicates the presence of another person. Presumably, there were no signs of a struggle over Teresa Wisowski’s body, which led the authorities to believe that the killer had caught her off guard.



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Thus began a lengthy search that will go on for years without answers. The authorities believed her boyfriend at first – with whom she supposedly argued a lot – but he had a strong argument.

Authorities continued to look into her workplace because it was close to where her body was discovered.

Mark Libecki, Teresa’s co-worker, confirmed that she was restless on that particular day. Isaac Alvarez, with whom Teresa was in a contentious argument that day, was chosen by the others.

Additionally, Isaac was said to have always carried a knife. But it is also assumed that Isaac had an excuse and was able to pass a polygraph. Jerry Kirkpatrick was also suspected by the authorities, but he had a strong case.

Soon the threads of the authorities ran out, and the case went unresolved. Authorities eventually discovered a match from the initial list of suspects after some recent DNA testing developments, and the DNA matched that of the most likely suspect.

It was the property of Mark Libicki. Further investigation indicated that Libicki’s shoes matched the footprints discovered at the site. Then the police tracked down his old car, which showed signs of Teresa Wisowski’s blood.

Authorities detained Libeki after collecting all necessary evidence. He allegedly reviewed his story several times, accusing a co-worker named Tom Thompson of her murder and threatening Libecki with violence if she did not speak up.

Libecki insisted he was innocent. The authorities allegedly believe that Libecki made a move on Teresa that evening because he had romantic interests in her. He violently stabbed her to death after she refused him. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of release.

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