What Happened To Ricky Severt? 1999 Cold Case Details, Where Is Jennifer Watkins Now?

Ricky Severt, a Colorado hospital worker who was responsible for the death of young Jennifer Watkins, died in a car accident. This was Karma’s way of killing him.

Investigators used modern DNA testing to find out that Ricky Severt was the person who killed Jennifer Watkins more than 20 years after she was killed.

But even though Severt was never charged, karma caught up with him: he was killed in a car accident two years to the month after Watkins disappeared.

Ricky Severt found guilty of murdering Jennifer Watkins

Ricky Severt found guilty of murdering Jennifer Watkins

Ricky Severt Died In A Car Accident On Highway 94

According to the investigations, Ricky Severt, who was 31 years old, died on November 2, 2001, in a car accident on Highway 94, just east of Colorado Springs.

Severt was a member of the hospital team. He was born on December 18, 1969, in Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. But he was one of the main suspects in the 1999 murder of Jennifer Watkins, who worked at the same hospital as her.

But because there wasn’t enough proof, the case stayed unsolved for decades until 2019, when DNA testing became a modern tool.

A DNA profile made from the found sperm was sent to Parabon so that genetic research could be done on it. This led police to Ricky Severt, who was 29 years old when the murder happened in August. As part of the first murder investigation, detectives had talked to Severt.

Jennifer Watkins Today After 1999 Cold Case Murder

On November 8, 1999, Jennifer Watkins’ body was found under a stairwell on the way to the helicopter pad at a hospital in Colorado.

She was wrapped in a piece of construction plastic that was sealed shut with duct tape. The coroner’s office said that Watkins died of blunt force trauma to the head, and that the person who killed her had sexually harmed her. They found sperm and DNA at the scene, which made it clear that she was killed.

Two weeks before she died, Jennifer Watkins was hired as a kitchen helper at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, according to the police. She was supposed to pick up her kids from school after her shift, but she never did.

Jennifer’s husband, Michael Watkins, reported her missing when she didn’t come home from her shift. He was questioned more than once, and he did everything the detectives asked of him. Even though the investigation took a long time and there was a lot of DNA evidence, it stalled for years, no suspect was ever found, and the case was closed.

But in 2019, almost 20 years after the event, a DNA profile made from the recovered sperm was sent to Parabon for genetic research. In August 2020, police were told about a possible clue about the unknown DNA profile.

It was confirmed that Ricky Severt was the person of interest. And on October 4, 2020, the Judicial District Attorney said that Severt, who was 29 when Watkins was killed, was the one who did it.

Where Is Ricky Severt’s Family Now?

Find A Grave’s death notice says that Ricky Severt was born to an American family in Merrill, Wisconsin, USA, in 1969.

But there hasn’t been any proof that his family is still alive or where they are now. Gordon Arthur Severt was his father’s name, but no one knows who his mother was.

Jennifer Lee Watkins’ family lives in Colorado, as does the person she killed in 1999. She was the second of her parents’ four kids. She always knew she wanted to be a nurse.

Michael had a drug problem. Jennifer was a victim of domestic violence and had to go to the emergency room more than once. After they had been married for about three years, Michael got a job in maintenance at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

Irene Skinner, Watkins’ mother, says that after she met Michael, “her life just went downhill from there.” Michael Jr. and Mariah were Jennifer’s children.

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