What Happened To Motown Noah? White Supremacist Claims Over Past Tweets

Motown Noah, a well-known YouTuber, finally ended his silence over what transpired to him.

After expressing his predicament on Twitter, Nicolas Henkel, popularly known as Motown Noah, has once more become the victim of abuse. His YouTube channel, which has thousands of subscribers, has made him famous.

His writings primarily discuss basketball games and players while offering commentary on them. Many fans also remember him as the basketball content-sharing guy with the microphone.

He recently joined the YouTube community in 2019, but his videos have amassed millions of views. His followers were baffled when he abruptly ceased sending videos to his account.

Motown Noah

Motown Noah

What Happened To Motown Noah?

Motown Noah hasn’t posted any videos to YouTube in months, and his fans don’t seem to understand why. The YouTuber has also stated that he has not yet reached the stage where he is permitted to submit videos.

Internet users have recently denounced Noah for his derogatory remarks and tweets. The YouTuber appears to have temporarily deleted his Twitter account in light of the continuing controversies around him.

While some of his supporters support him, others work hard to undermine him. The contentious tweets appear to have been posted years ago, which has heightened online wrath.

He clarified the YouTube audience as follows: “Being unable to describe what has been happening in my life over the past two months seems incredibly dumb. Unfortunately, not all of what has happened has been good. There has been a lot going on.”

“One issue is that I’m still not in a position where I can upload. So as far as explanations go, I swear we’ll get there.”

“I also know that for a lot of folks, this will be a major “dance on your grave” moment, so sure, lol.”

“I miss being with you all and I miss being around.”

White Supremacist Claims On Motown Noah Over Past Tweets

Twitter users have started accusing Motown Noah of being a white supremacist.

“Motown Noah being racist is one of the more distressing things i’ve heard recently,” one of the users tweeted.

One user commented, “White supremacist Motown Noah may scream about Mexicans, Blacks, and anything Non-White,” while the other tweeted,

They’re saying Motown Noah is a white supremacist, tweeted the other Twitter user, who seems perplexed by the entire issue.

The YouTuber has addressed each incident with the following statement: “Most people have made it clear that I’m not really in a position to defend myself. I have to shoulder this burden since it is my.”

What Did Motown Noah Say? Biography On YouTuber

Nicolas Henkel, also known as Motown Noah, is believed to have posted a lot of inflammatory tweets in the past. In one of his tweets, he said,

“Guys stop up, there wasn’t a civil war over it, unlike racism, so that’s why we weren’t in the headlines for giving to charity.”

On June 28, 2019, he launched his YouTube channel, which already has 88.1k followers and more than three million total views.

Price Of Motown Noah In 2022

By 2022, Motown Noah’s estimated net worth might be over or close to one million dollars. He is a well-known YouTuber who focuses on basketball and has thousands of subscribers.

He appears to have gotten the most of his money from the YouTube channel, which is currently embroiled in a major scandal.

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