What Happened To k9 Arlo? Tiktok Star Story And Retired As A Police Dog After Two Fatal Gun Shots

After suffering an injury, K9 Arlo, a well-known internet celebrity, has formally ended his career as a police canine.

One of the well-known canines on social media is K9 Arlo. He has attracted a lot of attention and millions of TikTok followers after suffering two nearly deadly bullet wounds.

With the fantastic German Shepard content, Arlo’s social media following is going viral online. K9 Arlo traded in his K9 unit for a successful job in social media.

Arlo’s strong skill has also assisted police officers in solving numerous instances. He has won numerous accolades for his work as a dog.

The issue surrounding K9 Arlo’s shooting was investigated in this article along with his life narrative.

k9 Arlo

k9 Arlo

What Happened To k9 Arlo?

K9 Arlo, a popular TikTok user, has retired after being shot twice while on duty.

K9 Arlo sustained bullet wounds to his leg and spine in January 2021. Near his spine, one bullet started a fire. Arlo had a slim chance of survival, but the surgery was successful, and he recovered.

The surgeon who performed the surgery on Arlo, Dr. Jen Warnock, asserted, “It is a wonder that Arlo is still alive.” The bullet broke the C6 vertebra and narrowly missed his carotid artery as well as an artery that would have killed him.

Following a police chase and fatal shooting overnight in Thurston Country, a police dog and an armed driver are currently being treated in hospitals, according to KOMO News.

Arlo also received rehab following surgery, which helped him quickly regain movement. But because they didn’t want Arlo to suffer while serving the community, the Sheriff’s Office decided to retire the dog.

Arlo has also left his job, and the medical staff is currently giving him excellent care. According to recent reports, his health is quickly improving.

Police Dog Story And Health After Two Gun Shots

After receiving two gunshot wounds to his legs and spine, police dog Arlo was gravely damaged.

After the gunshot, Arlo’s health had deteriorated to a critical state, and his chances of survival were slim. However, the police dog was fortunate enough to live, and he is making a full recovery in the hospital.

A GoFundMe campaign set up by The Thurston Country Deputy Sheriff Foundation also helped fund more than $73,000 for Arlo’s medical expenses. Over 2.5 million more people have become fans of Arlo on TikTok, and 130,000 more have followed him on Instagram.

However, following the gunfire, he starts to attract more local attention. He received a lot of financial support for his care, and today he is doing well.

Where Is k9 Arlo Now?

Following his retirement, K9 Arlo has not received many updates on websites or the internet. He might be resting to ensure a speedy recovery.

The dog K9 Arlo can also be found on Instagram under the handle @officialk9arlo, where he has 266 posts, 162k followers, and 1962 followers.

Additionally, we learn he is a German Shepard pure breed after viewing his Instagram images. The majority of police officers utilise this breed of dog because it is little more aggressive.

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