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Joey Hattenbrun was killed by her father by marriage on doubt of having an extramarital illicit relationship in 2011.

The casualty Joey was hitched to her significant other, Chad Hatternbrun, and before her homicide, she was having some marriage issues with him. Be that as it may, everything went downhill when she was battling for her life on her home’s driveaway.


On additional examination, it was observed that her father by marriage, Brett was the one engaged with her fierce circumstance prompting demise.

What has been going on with Joey Hattenbrun? Joey Hattenbrun was truly harmed and draining in the carport on September 16, 2011, tracked down by her better half Chad and her child.

On seeing such a state of Joey, Chad called 911, and she was promptly hurried to the emergency clinic for the treatment.

Because of weighty draining and serious injuries, the specialists couldn’t restore her, and she died. During her treatment, specialists found that she had a few breaks in her skull with a cerebrum injury and protective injuries.

The wounds drove the specialists to derive that she was hit more than once with a dull item. Joey was 30 years of age when she died, and she used to fill in as a drug store specialist at a neighborhood drug store.

She had a three-year-old child and used to live with her family in Hernando County. Her homicide case was stunning to all her relatives, and the disclosure that her father by marriage was the executioner was stunning information to many individuals.

Joey Hattenbrun’s Killer Brett Hattenbrun Guilty Of Murder The father by marriage of Joey Hatternbrun and her child’s granddad, Brett Hattenbrun was the individual that was demonstrated at legitimate fault for her homicide.

During the examination of Joey’s homicide, Brett was found threatening toward cops and didn’t help out them rather tossed a Molotov mixed drink and nails at them.

Officials couldn’t help out him and in the end shot him in the mid-region and captured him. He admitted nothing while he was addressed in the medical clinic.

Yet, ultimately, following a couple of hours, he conceded that he had requested that she quit shouting, and when she didn’t stop it, he hit her till she quit shouting.

Joey recounted how he hit Joey which prompted her passing toward the end. He had gone to Joey’s home to stand up to her in regards to her issue, and their discussion transformed into a contention because of which Joey compromised Brett to take off from her home any other way she would call the cop.

Brett advised Joey to take care of the telephone, and when she didn’t oblige him, he attempted to remove the telephone soon, Joey, was kicking his crotch, and Brett attempted to seriously suppress her shout with his hand and hit her.

Where Could Joey Hattenbrun Husband Chad Hattenbrun And Their Son Now be? Chad and his child have stayed away from the spotlight, and there isn’t a lot of data in regards to his whereabouts.

Joey Hattenbrun’s Husband Chad and her child were the primary individuals to see Joey in such an extreme case.

During her homicide case preliminary, Chad uncovered that they were having marriage issues and he was conversing with some individual he met on the web.

Additionally, they were taking care of their marriage issues, and everything was going okay until Joey was viewed as injured in 2011. Chad’s dad, Brett, was condemned to Life in Prison for the ruthless homicide of Joey Lynn Hattenbrun.

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