What Happened To James Jackson Aka Onision? Youtuber Health Condition And Update Today

James Jackson, who posts videos to YouTube under the name “Onision,” has been kicked out of the YouTube Partner Program for good.

Because of this, he can no longer make money from advertisements on the website for streaming videos. Gregory “Onision” Jackson became known after his “I’m a Banana” video went viral, but he had to leave YouTube because his three channels were taken away from it.

He had three YouTube channels: OnisionSpeaks, UhOhBro, and Encore. People often call him “the most controversial YouTuber” and “the most annoying star on YouTube” because he faces almost all kinds of problems.

Is Onegin still alive or dead? YouTube Health Status and Status

James Jackson, aka Onision, is still alive and well. Onision, his main YouTube channel, is still posting videos.

Three weeks ago, he put out a video titled “A Question to God” in which he dressed up as Santa. In the video, her health and behavior showed no signs of grief. Therefore, it can be said that James’s health is not a problem, but so is his behavior.

Onision has been in the news for all the wrong reasons more than once. Accused of having sex with 18-year-old Sarah, Sarah said he began preparing her and husband Kay for sex when she was 14. Visit this site to find out more.

Onision: In Real Life, a new documentary on Discovery+, is about his life outside of YouTube. Chris Hansen is the presenter of the docuseries, which researches and talks about allegations of sexual misconduct against YouTubers.

In 2006, he started his first YouTube channel called “Onision”. James said he wanted to be called “Greg” when he was younger, but in the first videos, he was known as “Onision.” The name Onision still stuck, and it’s been known by that name ever since.

How much money will James Jackson aka Onision get in 2022

James Jackson used to make a lot of money from his YouTube channels, YouTube ads, and other brand endorsements when he was at the top of his game. Briefly says, Onision’s net worth in 2022 is $5 million.

After getting banned from making money on YouTube and Patreon in 2020, James found his way to OnlyFans. After fighting for nearly a year to start Onision on YouTube, the controversial creator said he was leaving the site for OnlyFans.

When Patreon banned Onision, cutting off a good chunk of his income, the YouTuber responded by posting a bunch of weird and creepy videos. In April 2020, he joined the candid platform OnlyFans and started making a lot of money from it.

Who is James Jackson’s wife?

In 2005, James married Skye Tanaga. She was his first wife. The two were often in videos together on the Onision channel.

He worked hard to get them to break up in 2010. The YouTuber said the end of the relationship was uneventful. However, he later said that Tanaga broke into his house, which makes it possible that the breakup wasn’t as friendly as it initially made it seem.

In October 2011, they officially separated. In 2011, right after his split from Skye, he went out with Shiloh Hoganson. When Onision and Shiloh were getting to know each other, they lived together.

After a brief breakup with Adrienne, he is back with Shiloh. But in December 2011, they separated again. James remarried in 2012. This time, he chose Taylor Anderson, better known on the internet as “Laineybot.”

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