What Happened To Dj Merciless? Found Dead In Hotel Room, Wife

Jamaican artist and artist DJ Dancehall DJ Merselis was found dead at the age of 51 in a hotel room near Lyndhurst Street in St Andrews earlier today.

On July 1, 1971, Leonard Bartley was born in the Turner District of Chapleton, Clarendon, Jamaica. Young Bartley soon became enamored with sound systems, which in Jamaica is a group of disc professionals, engineers, and musicians who play ska, rocksteady and reggae.

In 1994, Bartley became ruthless and recorded his debut titled Lend Out Mi Mercy, a success within Jamaica and into another world. Follow this and hit with others like Mavis, the best reggae song in Jamaica in 1995.

As the 90s approached, Merciless became more aware of its lyrical content along the same lines as fellow artist and rival Bounty Killer, with whom he engaged in many rap battles. He served ruthlessly fourteen months behind bars in Florida.

What happened to DJ Merciless?

DJ Merciless is found dead in a Kingston hotel room.

A ruthless driver found him face down on the bed when he came to the hotel to pick him up around 4:30 pm. After this discovery, the driver contacted the necessary authorities.

Efforts were then made to revive the ballroom artists, but they all failed, and the man was pronounced dead shortly after he was found. Various sources at the scene claim that it was a possible heart attack.

The news of his death shocked the Jamaican music community and the world as Merciless was a highly respected component of the Jamaican music scene. Known as a talented local legend, everyone mourned the loss of Merciless online.

Twitter broke with news of Merciless’s death with many fans talking about how shocking his death was and what his music meant to them. Some even decided to play his music to commemorate the late artist’s life.

Videos and stories of the late artist’s exploits and achievements are spreading all over Twitter as the world sobs.

Was DJ Merciless married?

Married DJ Mercelles Keisha Gibbs Bartley.

Sadly, Keisha Gibbs Bartley was found dead on April 41, 2015. Initially ruled a suicide due to an open pill bottle found near her person when she died, authorities ruled she died of a heart attack.

He mercilessly found his wife’s dead body on their bed, unresponsive when he was returning from dancing with fellow artist Little Hero. Before that, the neighbors said that Miss Gibbs had been seen in distress, but the neighbors could not enter the house.

After her death, Merciless hosted Nine Nights at their Longville Park home, Clarendon, in her honor.

Ruthless did not marry after her death and slowly moved away from public life. His social media presence is getting less and less, and he wasn’t on the news for years before his death.

Through a sad twist of fate, the same predicament that took his wife’s life would also be the cause of his death.

DJ Mercedes Net Worth 2022

Merciless contract with a net worth of $1.5 million at the time of his death.

Although Merciless couldn’t replicate his 1990s success in the 2000s, he was still very active in the Jamaican music scene. His fights with fellow DJs such as Benny Man and Ninjaman got much publicity, and he had a hit titled No One Cares with rival Bounty Killer in 2000.

The performance has been repeatedly ruthless, and one of the ways fans are praising the Dancehall artist is by sharing videos of his eclectic and energetic performance.

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