What Happened To Bill Aka William Pagano From Festus Missouri? Tim Todd Murder Update –

What Happened To Bill Aka William Pagano From Festus Missouri? Tim Todd Murder Update

Bill, whose real name was William Pagano, shot himself because he didn’t want to be sent to jail. It was said that he killed his friend Tim Todd.

What Happened To Bill aka William Pagano From Festus Missouri?

Tim Todd’s murder is talked about in one of the episodes of I Went Undercover: No Turning Back on Investigation Discovery. His death was hard to figure out, but the investigators made beautiful discoveries that solved the case and sent them to the prosecutor.

Bill, aka William Pagano, who used to be the chief of police in Festus, was charged with killing Tim Todd. In 1994, he was found guilty of murder in the second degree and armed legal movement.

Tim Todd Murder Update On Investigation Discovery

The story got more and more dramatic when his friend Tim also named Mark, a police officer who had come to see him before the murder to talk about the plan to kill his partner.

Mark was in a relationship with William’s daughter and wanted to start a life with her, it turned out later. But he was living with someone else and didn’t want to file for divorce twice. So, he went to William to find out what he thought and to ask him to hire a hitman.

When his friend asked him to do this, William was surprised, but he didn’t say anything and did what his friend asked. He told Mark that he had hired the hitman and asked Mark to come back to his house to see him.

People who were involved in or had ties to the murder of Tim Todd.

So, on the day of the killing, the victim went to Pagano’s house to meet the killer. But he was found in the storage room lying in a pool of blood. And Pagano said that he shot his friend to protect himself. He claimed that he was attempting to arrest him for his plan to murder his partner.

However, Mark, who was on the storage then, was quick to take cowl behind a automotive, making William assume he would fire his gun at him. Thus, with out giving him any likelihood to hearth the gun, William shot his pal, and the sufferer died on the spot.

But the authorities would possibly not at all imprison him since he devoted suicide shortly after the police arrived to take him into custody. He died with a single shot to the top on August 23, 1994, after pledging that he would not at all enter jail as an inmate.

William Pagano Was A Mentor and Friend To Tim Todd.

The courtroom had sentenced them to twenty and three years in jail no matter his plea of not accountable and declare of self-defense. The police ignored his self-defense claims because of they found the sufferer unarmed. Thus, based mostly on info sources, William’s declare of feeling threatened was not considered.

Stephanie Pagano is the daughter of William Pagano. She was the one who was allegedly having an affair with Tim. However, all through the trial, she claimed that the sufferer was infatuated collectively along with her since childhood.

They moreover had a relationship for two years, nevertheless she broke up with him because of he was too possessive. However, Tim’s buddies talked about the opposite was the case, and Stephanie was the possessive one. Her whereabouts at present normally usually are not acknowledged.

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