What Happened To Angelica Devereux On Days Of Our Lives? Is She Leaving?

Anjelica Deveraux is a character in the television series Days of Our Lives. She played Jane Elliott from 1987 to 1989, Shelley Taylor Morgan in 1989, and Judith Chapman from 1989 to present (1989-1991, 2018).

It was announced that Morgan Fairchild would take over the position starting in the summer of 2017. On June 14, 2017, she made her public debut. It did not appear again until August 25, 2017, when the character was killed.

Alexandre Kyriakis’ mother and family relations

Even old viewers may need a refresher on Alexander Kyriakis, a relative who doesn’t appear often.

Because it was in the days of our lives as a kid in the ’90s. In February 1989, Jonathan Thornton first played the character as a child. He later played the character as an adult. On the other hand, Alex returned to Salem in July 2022. Robert Scott Wilson, who played Ben Weston before, took over the role of Alex.

While his marriage to Adrienne Johnson was in trouble, Justin Kiriakis had an affair with Anjelica Deveraux, which led to the birth of Alexander Kiriakis. Everyone thought Alex was Harper Devereux’s son before Angelica found out that he couldn’t have his own children.

When Victor Kyriakis finds out the truth, he tries to marry Angelica so that the child will be his heir. But she ended up marrying Neil Curtis, a close friend who planned to raise the child as his own.

But because Angelica thought she had a chance with Justin, she told him Alex was his son, and that was a lie. This means that the event cannot happen. But when Justin chooses to continue seeing Adrienne, Anjelica goes ahead with her plan to marry Victor. Even though she knew Justin wouldn’t allow something like this to happen.

Because she was right, Justin gave her and his son a nice apartment and a babysitter so they could live comfortably. Anelika hasn’t given up on her plan to get Justin and Adrien to fight. When her plan to kill Adrienne didn’t work, Anjelica and Alexander disappeared, and people thought they died in a plane crash.

But the mother and boy moved to another plane, and when Johnny Corelli found them, they were still alive. Angelica had other ideas, so she let Johnny take Alexander back to Salem, where he was reunited with his real father.

Alexander went to Dallas with his adoptive parents, Justin and Adrian, to see his real siblings, Joseph and Victor. Jackson was his younger brother. He was born shortly after his mother, Adrian, moved to Texas (known today as Sonny Kyriakis).

Alex returned to Salem in 2007. He went to Salem High, but the time he spent there did not appear on the show. But by 2008, everyone in the family moved to Dubai. In the spring of 2022, Alexander returned to Salem to be with his family again.

What happened in Days of Our Lives to Angelica Deveraux?

Anjelica’s first television role was as Tracy of Jane Elliott General Hospital in the 1987 show DAYS.

In 1989, the role was temporarily filled by Judith Chapman, who now plays Gloria in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Then Shelley Taylor Morgan took on the role. In 2018, when Anjelica appeared in the Halloween Dream sequence, Chapman was playing the role again.

A lot of bad things happened to Anjelica in Salem. After an affair with Justin Kyriakis, she got pregnant while still married to Harper Devereux. Angelica found out that her real father was Justin. However, after finding out that Harper is unable to have children, she does not tell him. Victor asks Anjelica to marry him so he can claim the baby as his, but she says yes to Neil Curtis instead.

When Victor’s angry words made Neil start gambling again and he fell into a lot of debt, Anjelica broke up with him. Angelica tells Adrienne who Alexandre Kyriakis’ father was after her birth so that she leaves Adrienne Justin.

When that didn’t work out, she agreed to marry Victor, believing that Justin would break up with her. Adrian fakes being pregnant because she was afraid of losing Justin. However, Angelica found out the truth, and eventually the couple broke up. Anjelica tried to kill Adrienne for good by detonating a bomb at her construction site. However, Justin saved his ex-girlfriend and blamed the explosion.

On the other hand, Angelica decided to leave Salem with Alexander because she knew the truth would soon come out. Although Angelica had told everyone for a while that she died in the plane crash, she had already taken another flight.

In 1991, Justin convinced Angelica to return Alexander to Salem so he could raise him. She hasn’t been seen since June 2017, when Steve Johnson found out that she was pretending to be Sebastian Howard to make Adrian’s life difficult.

Angelica is back in Salem in one of the craziest revenge plans ever. She got Hattie Adams and Bonnie Lockhart to take over the lives of Marlena Evans and Adrian, who are identical twins.

Angelica had a headache, and while she was fighting Bonnie, she died suddenly. On the other hand, Lucas Horton believed he had killed Angelica when she placed her body in his bed. Thanks to a quick autopsy, it soon turned out that the woman had died of natural causes.

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