Was Liliana Trujillo Found After Missing For 10 Days? Age Parents And Update

Alijana, who had been missing for ten days, was found by Mexican authorities from her California home.

Trujillo was missing from her home on July 1 at about 1 a.m. Her grandmother noticed that Lily was not in her bed at about six in the morning when she went to feed the animals in the room.

Her sister was sleeping on the loft bed and was unaware of the situation until her grandmother woke her. They called her mother, Clark, bent on finding Lily at any cost.

The family called the police and distributed flyers to find out the whereabouts of their girl. Clarke mentioned that she might have been related to someone on social media.

“I think she was lured by someone she thought she knew,” Clark said.

On July 10, authorities located Trujillo from Mexico, and she was handed over to her family.

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