Tower Of Fantasy: All World Boss Locations (On Map) | Read

Finding each global admin area in Tower of Fantasy is usually quite simple from a problem. There are 6 of them that can already be recognized so far. In any case, understanding the separation distances closest to them can help you get to them quickly. So, this data allows us to analyze all the admin areas of the world in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and help us in the best way to reach them.

All World Boss places in Tower of Fantasy There are 6 world bosses in this diversion. Apophis Barbarossa Ice Bot Lucia Robarg Sobek as a result of the Map Appsample for their smart guide. Apophis’ quick journey to Spacerift through the black market. From the right fitting here, start traveling to the southwest.

Go to the world marked in pink through the image above and in the same way you will reach Apophis. Barbarossa Go to Spacerift on the pivot island north-south of Naa Fjords. From the appropriate right here, start traveling from the upper east to the pink house installed in the guide on the next island.,

Ice Bot – World Boss location in the Tower of Fantasy Ice Bot is arranged across the water. Quick trip to Spacerift south of Navia Bay. Go northwest from the legit right here until you reach the world specified in the guide above.

Lucia You will have the option of revealing Lucia between Rose Backyard and Seaforth Dock. Quick trip to Spacerift west of the Fiendish Swamp. Go southeast from the appropriate right here to conquer the world confirmed in the guide. Robarg Robarg is the global manager you’ll likely reach when you buy an open Spacerift. You must initially open Spacerift south of Crimson Pillars.

When you arrive, head east and you might try to see Robarg. Sobek You will have the option of detecting Sobek through water basically like Frost Bot. Quick trip to Spacerift west of the Fiendish Swamp.

Travel to the upper east from that point and in a similar way you will discover Sobek near the world marked in the guide above. This covers this data across all admin regions of the world in Tower of Fantasy and helps you in the best way to access it. You also need to analyze our helpers when training them on the most effective way to get stuff, get Frigg, and unlock the clue.

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