Thor: Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi in New Controversy for Stealing Artwork from 1985 Star Wars Animated Series

Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunder received many negative reviews since its release, many of them regarding the multiple controversies and more with the humorous side towards the film itself. Now available on Disney+, the film has given an even wider audience access to its comedic take on Thor and the story itself.

Each creature in the movie has its unique design and unique individuality. With the highest quality available for viewers to analyze the film even more critically. To no one’s surprise, fans found more intricate details in the film that might not work in Taika Waititi’s favor.

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Taika Waititi used drawings from the old Star Wars series

Thanks to fans who love spotting every detail in movies and TV shows, some fans have noticed that the owls in Thor: Love and Thunder looked a lot like the creatures of Vintage Star Wars: Droids. The creatures in question both look alike and are much taller and taller owls, also having similar beaks and eyes.

This only adds to the list of issues Taika Waititi has faced with the release of his film, as the criticism surrounding it only seems to be growing. The creatures in question were just brown owls that only appeared with minimal roles and could easily have been missed. However, some fans say otherwise, with many even stating that he did it on purpose.

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Taika Waititi’s tribute to old childhood cartoons

In an interview, Taika Waititi specifically stated that Thor: Love and Thunder was designed to pay homage to old childhood cartoons and animations, as well as similar comic books and movies. Fans even pointed out how the creatures didn’t look alike, maybe it was just a perception instead of an actual copy of the designs.

Although creators often borrow and draw inspiration from the creations of others, at first glance Taika Waititi might be facing the wrong end of the stick in this instance. Many even pointed out how he copied the sound of the cave troll from Fellowship of the Ring, as well as the cry of Nazgûl. From another angle, since the MCU and Star Wars are owned by Disney, it doesn’t really count as theft.

Taika Waititi supporters claim this may just be another way to make the director look bad when he really did nothing but draw inspiration.

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