This Is How Chris Barnett Made A Net Worth of $800 Thousand

UFC heavyweight fighter Chris Barnett was born on June 14, 1986 and his current age is 36.

Prior to moving to Colorado and Germany, Barnett’s family resided in Spain, where he was born. After that, he started training in martial arts. The family moved around a bit before settling in Georgia when he was about four years old.

He started learning martial arts at the age of five and both of his parents are taekwondo gurus. At the age of six, Barnett started his first lesson with his father, but his older brother, Curtis, who was five years older, was already enrolled.

Bond with older brother Curtis

When Chris and Curtis were at school and his mom and dad were working, the whole family would get together in the gym to train and take lessons in the afternoons. Even as his father and brother received advanced training, Barnett brought them schoolwork to complete.

Taekwondo was also beneficial for Barnett’s brother, Curtis. In order to be eligible to test for the US Olympic taekwondo team, the 41-year-old won the US middleweight title in taekwondo in 2009.

When Barnett first defeated his brother in battle, he was 14 years old. They fought all the time in the living room, bedroom, and wherever they found some space to perform their moves.

Chris said: “He came up to me and he hit me with the hardest roundhouse kick I’ve ever faced, right in the ribs. But I got to him, threw him on the kitchen floor and from there it was just the floor and the book.”

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