The Challenge: USA’s Leo Temory Explains Sudden Exit

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Leo Temory was one of just three contestants from The Amazing Race on the cast of The Challenge: USA.

On Wednesday’s new episode, Leo was eliminated from the CBS reality series after being thrown into a Hall Brawl against Enzo Palumbo.

Temory revealed that he was under the impression this season would not have that particular competition. Moreover, he was blindsided when he walked into the arena.

Temory, Leo - The Challenge: USA

“It’s definitely tough,” the TV star shared exclusively with TV Fanatic.

The three-time Amazing Race star said that medics prevented him from returning to the arena after the elimination to say his goodbyes.

Leo and Enzo - The Challenge: USA

“I love TJ. I wanted to go back and shake his hand and thank him for the experience,” He said.

The star added that he was put in an ambulance and sent to the hospital.

If you were confused by the exit confessionals in which Leo called everyone snakes, the star said the clips used were from earlier in the season.

“When I said everyone’s a snake,” he clarified.

“That was when me and Sarah got blindsided. It wasn’t from that specific moment.”

Leo on The Challenge - The Challenge: USA

“I was actually quite happy that day because I did really well on the challenge,” he shared.

Leo believes he should have won the water-heavy competition.

“I know I won that challenge, Paul. You should go check the tapes. I was sprinting,” he claimed.

Leo added that to go from thinking he won the daily challenge to being thrown into the hall brawl was a lot to process for him.

Leo and Desi - The Challenge: USA

Despite being thrown into elimination, he holds no ill will towards his fellow challengers.

He also touched on The Amazing Race being outnumbered compared to Love Island, Survivor, and Big Brother.

“I wish there was more people from The Amazing Race.”

“It would’ve been a whole different challenge.”

“Amazing Race had three people. Did you see our group pictures? It’s hilarious because they’re like, ‘who are these guys?’”

Like other contestants have said this season, Leo felt he would be thrown into the elimination based on the trajectory of the conversations in the house.

The Challenge: USA continues Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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