Tanya Pardazi Cause of death, age, boyfriend, parents, siblings, obituary

Famous Canadian Tiktoker presenter Tanya Pardazi has been declared dead at the age of 21.

Tanya Pardazi died from her first solo skydiving accident on August 27th, 2022. Her parachute failed to open in time to save her life.

Tanya Pardazi had over 100,000 followers on her Tiktok page. She is a former Miss Teen Canada semifinalist in 2017.

Tanya Pardazi Cause of death

Tanya Pardazi died after a skydiving accident on August 27th, 2022. She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Tanya Pardazi was 21 years old.

Tanya Pardazi boyfriend

Tanya Pardazi was not married and did not disclose anything about her relationship life.

Tanya Pardazi parents

There is no information currently about the parents of Tanya Pardazi.

Tanya Pardazi siblings

Tanya Pardazi could be having kids but there is no information about them.

Tanya Pardazi obituary

Tanya Pardazi will be buried soon but there is no information about her funeral arrangement.

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