Taliah Aquilini, Francesco Aquilini Ex Wife, Children And Family – Here’s What We Know

Claims by Taliah Aquilini, the ex-wife of NHL President Francesco Aquilini, have made headlines recently.

Despite their breakup, she often makes headlines due to her comments about the NHL executive.

The former husband and wife from a power marriage in Canada are at odds with each other over alleged impulsive actions.

In addition to Francesco’s role as president of the Vancouver Canucks NHL team, which is owned by the Aquilini investment group, the Aquilini family is a dominant force in a number of business sectors.

Even a decade after their divorce, Taliah is unable to avoid the public spotlight due to her familiarity with such a powerful name.

Even though the ex-couple had some wonderful times together, they’ve been having some issues lately. The two are frequently pitted against each other in court over different legal issues relating to their marriage and family.

Thus, despite the enormous fortune and notoriety of the Aquilini family, Francesco and his ex-wife are well known for their legal disputes.

As a result of their lawsuits, the general public and the media are now more aware of their personal affairs.

In 2022, Francesco and Taliah reentered the justice system and went public with their private legal dispute.

Taliah Aquilini

Taliah Aquilini

Quick facts about Tali’ah Aquilini:

Last name Tali’ah Aquilini
Age in his fifties
Nationality canadian
Joint Francesco Aquilini (1994-2013)
Children 4
best known for Divorce lawsuit with her ex-husband
Current residence Vancouver

Taliah Aquilini was Francesco Aquilini’s wife for nearly two decades

Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini’s ex-wife, Taliah, is well known for suing him on several occasions.

The former couple frequently appear at the courthouse to resolve their differences as the last days of their marriage were so difficult that reconciliation seemed impossible.

Before finalizing their divorce in 2013, they married in 1994 and had a family for nearly 20 years.

Tali’ah was visible at every Francesco company event and program, as seen in old photographs.

Ms Aquilini has spent much of her time at Rogers Arena with Francesco since her husband acquired the Vancouver Canucks in 2006.

Previously, on November 17, 2004, he acquired a 50% stake in Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment from John McCaw, Jr., the company that owns the Canucks hockey team and Rogers Arena.

On November 8, 2006, Aquilini became the sole owner of the band and arena after purchasing the remaining 50%.

They were once a close-knit couple, but things fell apart in 2011 and their divorce was finally formalized in 2013.

However, each time Tali’ah and Francesco appeared in court, their disagreement over alimony and child support obligations from the divorce made headlines.

The power couple reportedly had arguments over raising their four children in 2013, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Ms. Aquilini had further demanded a significant portion of Francesco’s billions in wealth. However, since the Vancouver Canucks owner and his businesses are tied to his corporate family trusts, a dilemma has arisen.

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Tali’ah Aquilini sued Francesco Aguilini for the physical and mental trauma of their children

Now that Taliah and her three children have sued Francesco Aquilini in court again, things have gotten tough for him.

The Aquilini children have followed in the footsteps of the former couple, who were a frequent drifting duo in court in Vancouver in late September 2022.

According to a recent Vancouver Sun story, three of Aquilini’s adult children accused their father of “serious” mental abuse allegations when they were younger.

In their statements, they said Francesco’s treatment of them as children was not particularly memorable. According to their allegations, Mr. Aquilini beat a sleeping child and continued to do so after he woke up.

Another child said Francesco threw a five-year-old across the room in another altercation. According to a third claim, the NHL star punched a young child in the stomach until he cried.

The millionaire stopped providing financial support for children’s schooling from September 2021. The three children are enrolled in university with the intention of becoming researchers, engineers or doctors in the future.

The children no longer want to interact with their father after hearing about his physical and mental terror. In order to avoid his contacts, they have not given him their university addresses since 2018.

Francesco has one child from a previous marriage to radio personality Dusty Martel, giving Tali’ah and Francesco a total of four children.

While the names and whereabouts of the Aquilini children are unknown, Slaylebrity reported on Alessia Aquilini.

She is the child of an employee of Francesco Aquilini Investment Group, making her a potential heir to the Canadian business conglomerate.

Former Aquilini heiress Taliah removed from ex-husband Francesco’s family trusts

After divorcing Francesco in 2013, Taliah Aquilini is no longer part of the multinational Aquilini family estate.

The Aquilini Investment Group is a family business specializing in various sectors, including investment, sports, real estate and agriculture. Subsidiaries of these companies also include Rogers Arena and Vancouver Cuncks.

Some of the major group companies are Aquilini Developments, Aquilini Properties, Golden Eagle Group and Aquilini Renewable Energy.

Together with his father Luigi and his two brothers, Paolo and Roberto, Francesco is dedicated to the team in managerial roles.

As a result, the family will set aside billions of dollars each year to maintain their legacy and support their luxurious lifestyle.

Tali’ah found it difficult to seek the divorce settlement because her husband’s income is tied to the ruling organization run by his father and brothers, and Francesco and his estates are tied to that ruling group.

In 2013, NHL published an entertaining story about Francesco’s desire to liquidate the family winery in order to repay Talia’ah.

1,930 bottles of wine totaling US$789,000 were part of the collection at the time. Nathan Smith, a judge on the Supreme Court of British Columbia at the time, did not order Francesco to sell a family asset to settle a debt to his ex-wife.

During the divorce, he even forbade Taliah from using Aquilini vacation homes, buying hockey tickets, or using a private suite at Rogers Arena.

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Tali’ah Aquilini asked for a share of Francesco Aquilini’s net worth after the split

Tali’ah Aquilini asked for part of Francesco Aquilini’s wealth after their divorce.

Francesco Aquilini is a very wealthy man with a net worth of billions, and after their divorce, Taliah had asked him for shares.

Francesco, who dominates control of the Vancouver Canucks and heads the Quilini investment group, has a net worth of $3.3 billion, according to Business Insider.

A wealthy Canadian businessman known to have paid child support until September last year. However, before the ongoing trial in 2022, Tali’ah, his ex-wife, had asked for part of his fortune at the time of the divorce.

The NHL report says the court may have required Francesco to give his ex-wife a monthly list of key family business transactions, even though they ultimately settled on undisclosed terms.

Francesco had made regular payments to a joint bank account, so the court had not imposed interim support.

However, he had provided child support for three of his college-age children until last year, who have since flooded the media with allegations of abuse.

Taliah had sought a restraining order at the time of the divorce to prevent Aquilini from selling or freezing assets in which he still had a passive interest. Another struggle was ensured by the family’s long legal battle.

Francesco Aquilini has moved on with his girlfriend Martine Argent

Francesco Aquilini has long found solace with his current girlfriend, Martine Argent, due to his endless legal struggle with his wife and, more recently, with his children.

Since 2013, the two have been dating and living together. No information about the couple’s marriage and plans to have children has yet been made public.

Martine is an actress renowned for her tasteful dress selections at events. They were pictured holding hands in public places as they publicly declared their love for each other.

The actor is also a model and artist, and according to her IMDb, she played Amanda Chavez in the 2016 film “Cartels.”

She herself has two children from a previous relationship in addition to sharing her affection with the divorced Francesco.

She lives a glamorous life in Vancouver with Aquilini because the Italian-Canadian Aquilini family leans heavily on her background. A professional hockey player was his grandfather. Being from a wealthy family, the model traveled a lot in her youth.

Francesco had freely admitted to being in love in 2013 and that he believed in second chances. This was repeated on his Twitter account, where he thanked Argent for his love and support in 2013.

He talked about how his partner supported him during the difficult time of his divorce, making him feel really lucky.

Martine has chosen to relax and take it easy as Aquilini’s head continues on its way as a well-known person on social media and other platforms.

The three Aquilini children live in their college dorms and only visit their mother on weekends and holidays.

Taliah Aquilini and her husband Francesco Aquilini

Taliah Aquilini and her husband Francesco Aquilini

Some FAQs

How long was Taliah Aquilini married to Francesco Aquilini?

Francesco Aquilini and Taliah married in 1994 and divorced in 2013. As an ex-wife, she is now best known.

How many children do Taliah and Francesco Aquilini have?

Taliah and Francesco Aquilini, a former couple, had four children together. Their older children held back from letting the media into their private lives.

What is the net worth of Taliah Aquilini’s ex-husband, Francesco Aquilini?

Francesco Aquilini, Taliah’s ex-husband, has a net worth of over $3 billion as of 2018.

What is the net worth of Taliah Aquilini’s ex-husband, Francesco Aquilini?

Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini is dating Martine Argent, an actress.

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