Sydney Carlson and Boyfriend Blackbear Relationship Timeline As She Spills The Tea With Her Sister Devon Lee Carlson

Devon Lee Carlson is the elder sister of Sydney Carlson. Both sisters are famous on the internet as a fashionista and businesswomen. She is also a Youtuber who vlogs about her life, her cute puppy Martin, and her clothes.

She was ranked in the first place when New York Magazine questioned kids in the city who their style icons were, surpassing celebs like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, as per 

When she and her sister started their company, Wildflower Cases, they were teenagers. The two co-founders have won hearts for many years, but there is a bit of a story behind their fame.  

Devon Lee Carlson Attracted Attention When She Encountered Miley Cyrus 

An unexpected encounter with Miley Cyrus led Devon Lee Carlson to get public attention. Her family was out for dinner after they finished shopping. The sisters were on their way to the washroom, where they met Miley Cyrus.

Devon, 17 at that time, was her biggest fan for years and wanted a picture with her. So Sydney took a photo of them with a phone with a case made by their mom. Cyrus loved it and asked them where they got it. 

The sisters explained that their mom made it for them. Cyrus met their mom, and the sisters offered her the cases that they had for the singer. Miley also asked them to start a business, and Carlson’s dad, a graphic designer, told her that the website would be ready by morning. 

Miley returned to her seat and tweeted the pictures of the cases thanking the Carlson sisters. That is how the sisters got fame, and their business started overnight. 

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