Shirlene Obuobi and Husband Justin Barnowski Wedding Photos, Her Career and Family

Shirlene Obuobi recently got married to her husband, Justin Barnowski; after meeting each other, in a way, the leads of a novel meet each other and quickly feel for each other’s charm.

The couple met each other through a dating app in June of 2017 named “Coffee Meets Bagel.” Both of them shared their point of view on their first meeting, their date,, and how they fell for each other on their wedding website.

Like the perfect match coffee and bagel make, Shirlene and Justin found each other and matched perfectly through a dating app.

According to Shirlene, Justin looked cute in his pictures on the app and turned out to be living next door to her place, and since she was looking to try her hand at dating after her third year of medical school, she met Justin for a coffee date.

Their first date may have been a bit of a disaster according to them, but they both certainly had fun. Starting their date as a coffee date, they planned to watch a movie which later turned into a double date with Justin’s high school friends.

Justin proposed to the fellow Obuobi at 63rd street Beach House under Lake Shore Drive pier, and the couple got married on June 4, 2022.

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