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If you search for “peppa pig wallpaper house” on TikTok, you might get a shock.

This new TikTok trend came out in time for Halloween, so TikTok somehow managed to make Peppa Pig scary, or at least tried.

Let’s take a look at this strange trend and where it came from.

Peppa pig wallpaper house

There are Peppa Pig wallpapers on Google Images that you can download to your phone or computer and use as a background.

This background is a picture of Peppa Pig, her brother George and their parents standing in front of their house.

If you zoom in very far into the lower right window, it looks like there’s another Peppa inside the house. This is the foundation of the Peppa Pig wallpaper house trend.

The ‘scary truth’ behind Peppa Pig

From this discovery, TikTokers created a backstory to explain the presence of an extra Peppa in the photo.

According to TikTok, the story is:

“Peppa Pig was diagnosed with cancer when she was just two years old and spent most of her life in bed. He needed constant care and 24-hour monitoring to keep him alive. Peppa was a burden and an embarrassment to the whole family.

“When dad finally had enough, he had a terrible idea. She chained Peppa to her bed so she would never leave her room.

“Years later, the parents had another child, named Peppa. This Peppa replaced the original Peppa, who was locked in her room.

“Now, if you google Peppa Pig House wallpaper, you’ll see something scary. At first glance, it looks like a normal picture, but if you look closely, you can see that the original Peppa is still locked in her room.”

The folks over at TikTok have created a video that tells the story to spooky music played over photos of Peppa and her family.

A reaction to the horror wallpaper tale

Some people on TikTok are going with horror stories. Some have created abstract illustrations to accompany the story, while others continue the “bit” in the comments section.

“I’ve always known the story and never watched this cartoon,” wrote one user.

Another said: “I knew it!”

Peppa Pig fans took to the comments section to debunk the horror story. One fan wrote: “It can’t be because her room is upstairs.”

Another: “Fixed the screenshot.”

So is this true? We may never know.

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