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Romola’s face detection. (Source: YouTube)

Romola is a predominantly English-speaking Cow Empress Virtual YouTuber. Her channel name is Cow Empress Virtual.

She regularly broadcasts a variety of content, although her preferences lie primarily in the field of combat and strategy games. In addition, it usually hosts informational programs on the history of the Western Hemisphere.

I started playing Guilty Gear with the main character Potemkin, and quickly became one of the top players in the area. She eventually decided to use Sol Badguy as her main character, which allowed for a significant improvement in her performance in competitions in 2018.

face detection romola

The reveal of Romolla’s face was one of the gaming community’s most anticipated moments.

At this point, everyone is deeply interested in discovering their true identity to Romola. You can expect an update from us as soon as we have any new information to share with you regarding this matter.

After achieving several top eight places in the early Guilty Gear Strive competitions, Romolla temporarily turned her attention back to content creation. However, on July 13, 2022, she signed a contract with Counter Logic Gaming and announced her return to competitive play.

The real name is Jessica aka Jess: Twitch Streamer Wiki

Jessica “Romolla” Neva, Canadian Guilty Gear player who is currently Counter Logic Gaming and was originally called “Romolla”, was formerly known as “DEB”.

When Guilty Gear XRD debuted, Romolla was already known as one of the most skilled players in North America to use the Potemkin character.

She continued working on their game and finally became recognized as the best Sol Badguy player in all of North America while playing Guilty Gear XRD. Her best performance came at AnimEVO 2019, where she won the championship after defeating MarlinPie in the first place match in the championship bracket.

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Romola Twitch Age

January 17, 2000 saw the birth of Jessica Neva, better known by her stage name Romola. As of July 2022, she is currently in her 22nd year of life.

Her current status is active, and she was born in Canada. The USA is where you were born and raised.

From 2016 until 2019, then starting in 2021 and continuing to this day, she has been active. Counter Logic Gaming can draw on her experience as a member of its team.

Romola Net Worth

It is estimated that Romola reaped a total of $2,247 from her wins according to Liquipedia. DEB and SuperDEBico are their aliases and alternate identities on the Internet.

Although we do not have an exact estimate of her net worth at the moment, we will update you as soon as possible. It is possible that her work on Guilty Gear games helped her achieve fame.

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