Robert Hawkins’ Parents: Where Are They Now?

Robert Hawkins’ Parents: Where Are They Now?

Robert Hawkins’ father Ronald Hawkin and stepmother Candace Sims appear on Investigation Discovery’s “Evil Lives Here: Something Is Different About Robbie” to talk about Robert for the first time. In Omaha, Nebraska, in December 2007, Robert began shooting outside a Von Maur department store, killing 8 and injuring 4 others. The episode focuses on Robert’s troubled upbringing and his long battle with mental illness, which may have ultimately led to the massacre. So why aren’t we learning more?

Robert Hawkins Parents

Robert Hawkins Parents

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Who are Robert Hawkins’ parents?

Ronald Hawkins and Maribel “Molly” Rodriguez welcomed Robert Arthur Hawkins into the world on May 17, 1988 at RAF Lakenheath station in Suffolk, England. Ronald served in the US Air Force. When Robert was just three years old, his parents separated and records show he was living with his father in LaVista while his real mother had very little influence on his life. According to the program, he lived in chaos at home, which may have contributed to his persistent violent behavior in kindergarten when he was just 4 years old. He was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Through Sarpy County Juvenile Court, Robert spent approximately 4 years in foster care. His then-mother-in-law, Candace Sims, and father, Ronald Hawkins, called him intelligent but troubled. After being institutionalized a second time, he was identified as having oppositional defiant disorder, a mood disorder, and “parent/child relationship issues.” Robert was admitted to Piney Ridge Center in Waynesville, Missouri on May 18, 2002, the day after he turned 14 for allegedly making “homicidal threats against his stepmother”.

A 5-year journey through a maze of juvenile care programs, including a 2-year stay at Cooper Village, a residential treatment center for adolescents in North Omaha, from 2003 to 2005, was thus launched. Robert received a variety of comprehensive treatments, such as private psychotherapy, family therapy, and addiction counseling. Official estimates show the Nebraska state government spent more than $265,000 on his medical care. Maribel also visited Robert in July 2005 after an absence of two and a half years.

After being released from Cooper, Robert returned to live with his parents until late 2006 when he moved and settled into a house in Bellevue, a south Omaha neighborhood in the borough of Quail Creek. He briefly resided with a friend’s family before moving and running into legal trouble. Robert attempted to enlist in the military in the summer of 2007, but was rejected due to his significant history of mental illness. In November 2007, he allegedly threatened to physically harm a teenage girl after he believed she had taken his CD player.

When Robert was a youth in foster care, he had already been convicted of a narcotics offence. He was suspected of aiding in the delinquency of a minor and charged with two counts of alcohol on November 24, 2007. On December 19, 2007, he had an arraignment date. At the time of the horrific shooting, his landlady also claimed he lost his job at McDonald’s for allegedly stealing $17 and was going through a divorce.

Robert Hawkins Parents

Robert Hawkins Parents

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Where are Robert Hawkins’ parents now?

On December 4, 2007, Maribel and Robert had dinner at her ex-husband’s house. She claimed that Robert had even applied online for a position at a nearby retirement home. However, Maribel said she saw a problem with her son and discovered a missing gun when she went through her old arsenal. She speculated that Robert might have taken it and pawned it or sold it for cash.

In a 2007 interview, Maribel remembered her son and expressed regret for her son’s assault on the afflicted and their families. We know that Candace had divorced Ronald before filming and hadn’t been in contact with the father-son since. She later remarried, and it is likely that she now resides in Papillion, Nebraska, with her family and works for an electronics manufacturer in Omaha.

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