RHOP: Robyn Dixon Siblings & Ethnicity

On June 2, 2019, Dixon shared her ancestry findings on Instagram. She revealed her race % in a collection of images of the test results. She is 39% African, having origins in Mali and the Congo, per the research.

The reality star is 59% European and only 1% Asian. Her European ancestry is primarily from Ireland and the Western European region. Dixon reiterated that she would never consider herself mixed or biracial, notwithstanding the findings.

Racial themes were prominent in the show, especially in Season One, when Robyn was forced to defend her ethnicity and explain that, while having a lighter complexion, she was not multiracial and could not be sprung from a white ancestor.

Robyn’s ancestry has garnered a lot of curiosity on social media as well. Having said that, numerous of her forebears, particularly on her mother’s side, were listed as “mulatto” in a number of censuses, indicating that the census taker was aware of or recognized them as having some white ancestry.

She explained that she had always known she was never truly colored and asserted that all African Americans, no matter what proportion, are descended from Europeans.

She blamed the European ancestry of African Americans on the wicked white enslavers who had been assaulting enslaved people for centuries. By extension, the actress refused to identify as mixed or biracial even though she was 59% European.

Some FAQs

How many siblings does Robyn Dixon have?

Robyn Dixon has a brother named Marc Marcel.

How old is Robyn Dixon?

Robyn is currently 43 years old.

How did Robyn and her husband Juan meet?

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon met when they were in high school in 1996 and fell in love right away.

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