Perfect Harmony Hallmark Cast, Release Date, Filming Locations and more

The Hallmark Channel’s “Perfect Harmony” stars James Denton and Sherri Saum as the show’s main characters.

James Denton will make his return to the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries network with the upcoming movie “The Perfect Harmony,” which is slated to make its premiere on the network in the fall of this year.

Because Denton’s career has progressed to this point, he is now in a position to select projects such as “Perfect Harmony,” in which he may collaborate with his son. In spite of the fact that he will not provide any information, he is already hard at work on his next movie, which may involve all three Dentons given that his daughter Malin is also interested in acting.

First things first, let’s get more information about this upcoming film that fans are quite excited for.

Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

Meet Perfect Harmony Hallmark Cast

The following actors will be featured in the Hallmark Channel original movie Perfect Harmony:

James Denton plays Jack in Perfect HarmonyJames Denton plays Jack in Perfect Harmony

James Denton plays Jack in Perfect Harmony

James Denton As Jack 

James Denton plays the role of Jack Chandeller, a laid-back, former pop sensation, in the movie Perfect Harmony. The two roles that brought him the most fame were Dr. Sam Radford on the comedy-drama series Good Witch (2015–2021) on the Hallmark Channel and Mike Delfino on the comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives (ABC), both of which aired between 2015 and 2021. (2004–2012).

The Good Witch finished its fifth season at the top spot in the Household Rating on Sundays, making it one of the network’s most-watched original programs of 2019. In 2019 there were a total of 52 episodes of The Good Witch. Because of how well the series performed, the Hallmark Channel quickly rose to become the most watched and most highly rated cable network on the weekends.

Sherri Saum plays Barrett in Perfect HarmonySherri Saum plays Barrett in Perfect Harmony

Sherri Saum plays Barrett in Perfect Harmony

Sheri Saum As Barrett

The film features Sherri Saum in the role of Barrett Woodward, a strict college lecturer. Saum is an actor. Saum is best known for her co-starring role as Lena Adams Foster in the television drama The Fosters (2013–2018), which aired on Freeform. She has also had a guest appearance on the television show Good Trouble (2019–present), which is a spinoff of The Fosters.

In addition to her roles in the daytime soap operas One Life to Live and Sunset Beach, she is well-known for her work in the television series Beggars and Choosers, Rescue Me, In Treatment, Locke & Key, and Beggars and Choosers. Her performances in these shows helped make her a household name.

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Bond Between Jack and Barrett In Perfect Harmony 

When Naomi and Simon, two friends, are married, they ask their mutual friends Jack and Barret to be their best man and maid of honor, respectively. They had been at odds with one another ever since they first met ten years ago, but Variety reports that they have resolved to put their differences aside in order to assist Naomi and Simon. The premise of the movie states that this decision was made.

As Jack and Sherri work together to create a one-of-a-kind duet for the bride and groom, they begin to bond over their shared love of music. In the movie, Denton performs two unique songs of his own composition.

In the Hallmark movie “Perfect Harmony,” James Denton and Sherri Saum perform a duet called “Perfect Harmony,” and Denton also sings the song “Ooh Wee Ooh” all by himself. According to Variety, Jack Lenz was the one responsible for writing the music for the first version.

Julia Benson As Naomi 

Naomi is portrayed on-screen by Canadian actress Julia Benson. She plays the role of Vanessa James in the science fiction television series Stargate Universe. Benson played the role of Anna, a stripper, in the film Road to Victory, which was released in 2007. In the film, Anna falls in love with a football player who is unable to participate in an adult activity due to an injury.

She was trained by a dancer from the Brandi’s strip club in Vancouver, which is located in British Columbia. Between the years 2009 and 2011, Benson appeared on the science fiction television program Stargate Universe in the roles of 2nd Lieutenant Vanessa James in the first and second seasons.

Peter Benson As Simon 

Peter, a Canadian actor, writer, and producer, portrays Detective Arthur Smith in the Hallmark “Aurora Teagarden Mystery” series. Peter is also responsible for producing the show. In addition to obtaining a degree in communications with honors from Carleton University, he also finished with a degree in filmmaking from the Vancouver Film School.

Other works that he has contributed to include Mech-X4 (2016), Hell on Wheels (2011), and The Healing Powers of Dude (2020), among others. Julia Benson has been his wife since since they tied the knot on August 8, 2009.

Because they are husband and wife and have the opportunity to spend more time together, I can only imagine how much fun it is for them to go shooting together. However, we are convinced that as professional actors, they are aware of the narrow line between their personal and professional lives.

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Sheppard Denton As Teddy 

Sheppard Denton, James Denton’s real-life son, is the one who plays the part of his onscreen son in the Hallmark movie “Perfect Harmony,” so not only does James Denton get the opportunity to demonstrate his musical talents in the film, but he also worked closely with his son on the production.

Sheppard made his debut in the professional acting world in the Hallmark movie “For Love & Honor,” which also included his father in a starring role.

In addition to this, he possesses the musical talent that his father possessed. Sheppard released his “coming of age” record, titled “Seventeen Saturdays,” in May of 2022. The album was considered his “coming of age” record. Sheppard, a psychology student at The University of the South, is primarily a musician.

He has compiled a collection of his own original solo songs on Spotify, in which he sings and plays many instruments, including guitars, bass, drums, keys, and horns, in addition to playing other instruments. He is a member of the band Sedona and contributes to their music.

John B. Lowe as Professor Dodson

John B. Lowe portrays the character of professor Dodson in the movie. As an actor, director, and filmmaker, he has nearly 30 years of experience working in theater, film, and television. He has also worked in all three mediums.

In addition to producing, writing, and directing a number of short films that have been recognized with prizes, John B. is currently working on new film and video projects for his company, Broccolo Creative.

In the theater, he is both an accomplished director and an actor. In addition to producing and directing a variety of independent theatrical plays, he has also appeared as a performer on a number of stages located all throughout Canada. John B., who is an expert in acting in front of the camera, is continuing his work at Broccolo Creative as a mentor and trainer for professional actors.

Andrea del Campo as Meadow

Performer Andrea is well-known for her work on stage, on television, and in the production industry. She currently resides in Winnipeg. She has also been nominated for a number of Winnipeg Theatre Awards, in addition to winning the 2018 Manitoba ACTRA award for Best Performance by a Female Artist in a Feature Film, which she received in 2018.

Other Casts 

Scooper was played by Hazel Wallace.

Heather portrayed by Samantha Kendrick.

In the role of Malcolm, Darryl Hinds

Lexie Cypurda as DJ

Dan De Jaeger Playing the Role of a Cruel Professor

Playing the role of the Evil Professor is Brenda Gorlick.

Attendee at a Wedding and a Concert by the Name of Vance Halldorson

In the Role of Bridal Gown Stylist, Cherrel Holder

Release Date of Perfect Harmony & Filming Locations

The first episode of Perfect Harmony will air on HMM on October 16, 2022 at 9 pm Eastern Time / 6 pm Pacific Time. This Hallmark movie was shot in Winnipeg from July 13 all the way through August 3 of the year 2022. It serves as the administrative center of the province of Manitoba in Canada.

The Forks, a historically significant place at the point where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet, serves as the focal point of the neighborhood. It features former warehouses that have been renovated into shops and dining establishments, in addition to a sizable open area that may be utilized for activities such as fairs and exhibitions.

Perfect Harmony is a production of Hallmark Media, and James Denton, Jonathan Eskenas, and Kimberley Bradley are serving as executive producers on the show. The show is produced by Ian Dimerman. The screenplay for the movie was written by Alicia Lomas-Gross, while Stefan Scaini is in charge of directing it.

Hallmark’s Perfect Harmony Movie Plot

Barrett was taken aback when she learned that Jack’s strategy for the party music consisted of little more than a playlist for the engagement party. Barrett, who is also Teddy’s professor, attempts to coerce her into performing, but she refuses to do so. This causes his son Teddy, played by Sheppard Denton, to express his displeasure.

Jack and Barrett knock the house down with their duet, and the performance causes the ice between them to dissolve. When they spend more time together before to the wedding, Jack and Barrett make the surprising discovery that they get along with one another.

As their perceptions of one another gradually shift, they come to the realization that perhaps they are more in sync with one another than any of them would have thought.

Some FAQs

What are the cast of Hallmark’s Perfect Harmony?

James Denton and Sherri Saum star as the lead characters in the Hallmark Channel original movie “Perfect Harmony.”

What time does Perfect Harmony come on Hallmark channel?

The first episode of Perfect Harmony will air on the Hallmark channel on October 16 at 9 pm ET/PT.

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