Pauline Trintignant Wikipedia- Where Is Jean-Louis Trintignant Daughter With Nadine?

Pauline Trintignant was born in the year 1969 to Jean-Louis Trintignant and his wife Nadine Trintignant.

She was the second daughter in the family. Her siblings are Marie Trintignant and Vincent Trintignant-Corneau.

Her mother, Nadine Trintignant, is a recognized French film director, producer, editor, screenwriter, and novelist. Likewise, sisters, Marie and Vincent have also made names in the film industry.

Nadine Trintignant has appeared in films such as Mon amour, mon amour, which received a Palme d’Or nomination at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival. 

Talking about Marie, she appeared in more than three movies including Mon Amour, Mon Amour, It Only Happens to Others, Cable émouvante, Betty, etc. Meanwhile, Vincent Trintignant-Corneau has spent most of his career as a screenwriter. 

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