Paula Dhier Husband Ron Rallis Threatens Over William Timmons Affair

He is a lawyer, businessman, and politician from the United States who has been elected to represent the 4th District of Congress in South Carolina since 2019. A majority of Greenville, Spartanburg and their surrounding suburbs are included in his upstate district. . Timmons, a Republican, represented South Carolina’s Sixth District as a state senator from 2016 to 2018.

William got into quite a bit of trouble recently as his relationship with interior designer Paula Dier came into public view. William’s wife, Sarah Anderson, was aware of her husband’s affair. She was silent the whole time but she probably still took it all in. William still hopes to salvage the relationship because she hasn’t made any firm decisions.

William’s political career will be in jeopardy because he is accused of having an affair even though he has a wife. However, it’s all in Sarah’s hands because she’s the one who can either make or break William’s career with ease.

On the other hand, Ron Rallis, Paula’s husband, is looking forward to sue him for $20 million. It’s not as if William couldn’t pay such a huge amount of money, but his image and dignity would be shattered if this case went to court.

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