On Fixer To Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marrs share stunning wedding pictures.

Jenny Mars reveals her and Fixer to Fabulous co-star David’s love story in an interview with HGTV, providing a glimpse into the wonderful life that the Fixer to Fabulous duo have established together. Jenny Mars and David are both stars of the TLC series Fixer to Fabulous.

Fixer to Fabulous, a popular television show that airs on HGTV, concluded its third season in March of 2022. Jenny and Dave Marrs, a married couple originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, were the subjects of this series. While at the same time caring for their children, the couple puts their efforts toward remaking residences into masterpieces that would appeal to potential buyers who are looking for a more sedate way of life in a more rural setting.

Jenny and Dave Marrs Share Throwback Photos From Their Wedding Day

The second season premiere of “Fixer to Fabulous” showcased the beautiful life that Jenny and Dave Mars have built together as parents and guardians to their five children. Jenny and Dave Marrs shared some throwback photos from their wedding day. The pair from “Fixer to Fabulous” have been married since 2005 and have been blessed with five gorgeous children: twins Nathan and Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke.

During the course of the interview, Dave’s wife graciously related the story of how she and Dave first became acquainted. In addition to that, she provided the particulars of their wedding as well as some nostalgic pictures from the big day. Jenny sent HGTV an email in which she explained that she did not have any digital pictures from the wedding and provided some scanned images that were taken from Marr’s original wedding album.

Fixer and Fabulous Couple Dave and Jenny Marrs’ Wedding as Captured in Photographs

An Acquaintance at a Distance Became Romanticized Into Love

After graduating from college in 2002, the couple began working for the same organization, where they eventually fell in love. Both Jenny and Dave resided in separate states, which was a great shame. Despite this, the two people became excellent friends and carried on talks despite the distance between them.

After establishing a strong foundation of friendship with one another for a number of years, the two individuals eventually began to see each other as potential romantic partners. After dating for close to a year, Jenny and Dave got engaged while vacationing in Paris.

The Promise of Marriage Amid the Glamour of the Eiffel Tower

On the third night of their trip to Paris, Dave and Jenny took a stroll together down the Eiffel Tower. Dave proposed to Jenny by getting down on one knee while facing her in front of the glow of the lights against the backdrop of the bright night sky.

Jenny recalls a time when she had what can only be referred to as an out-of-body experience. –

Dave got down on one knee and showed a jewelry box containing an engagement ring to his girlfriend. When he asked her, “Will you marry me?” she yelled with joy and responded with a yes.

A Wedding That Took Place At The Mission Inn

At the Mission Inn in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida, on April 2, 2005, Dave and Jenny exchanged their wedding vows and tied the knot to officially become husband and wife. On ndtv.com, Jenny posted a few of the photographs that she had taken on her wedding day.

On the occasion of their 12th wedding anniversary in 2017, Jenny thanked her husband, Mr. Marrs, for being her number one fan for all time and all eternity by posting a message on Instagram. On April 2, 2022, the HDTV famous couple recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.

Jenny and Dave Marrs did not always work on improving their home

The extraordinary design skills of Jenny and Dave Marrs, along with the charm of their family of seven children, helped them win the affection of millions of viewers of HGTV. The Marrs family gained widespread notoriety with the first episode of their critically acclaimed series, Fixer to Fabulous.

The first episode of Fixer to Fabulous aired on HDTV in October of 2019, and it featured Jenny and Dave as they presented the viewers with the restoration of historic homes in their area in Arkansas.

Dave is the proud owner of his very own construction firm

In 2004, the pair established their household together in Arkansas. After Dace finally found a place to call home, he established his own construction company called Marrs Developing. On the other side, Jenny was thinking about making a career out of marketing and sales.

The woman who was a mother to five children assisted her husband as much as she could with the design aspect of the home improvement work that he was doing. At that time, Dave was just beginning, and the two of them were financially destitute, with Jenny holding the only legitimate work.

Jenny is now working at the company full-time alongside Dave

Jenny’s role at the start of the Marrs Developing company was that of a marketing and sales personnel. Despite the fact that the executive of sales did not pursue a profession in design at an academic level, she has always enjoyed designing and getting in touch with the creative side of herself.

Jenny quit her position as a marketing and sales person later in the year 2012 and began working alongside her husband full-time at Marrs Developing, which she and her husband had founded eight years earlier.

They were approached by HGTV about the possibility of appearing on the network’s show

Jenny revealed in the first season of the reality show Fixer to Fabulous on HGTV that they were contacted by HGTV via email. During one of the episodes, Jenny mentioned that she thought the email was a prank and that she instantly deleted the message since she believed it to be junk mail.

After word spread about a married couple’s home remodeling company, HGTV contacted them via email to inquire about working together. Jenny and Dave were excited to share their enthusiasm for restoring old homes with the television network, and they agreed to do so by signing a contract.

The Marrs Family Calls Their Ancient Farm House Their Home

The wife of the home renovator wrote in a blog post titled These Walls that her husband, Dave, took her and their two children on a tour of an old farmhouse that he was required to demolish as part of the contract. Dave was responsible for tearing down the farmhouse. Despite the fact that the house was not very appealing, the two individuals were aware that they needed to save it.

It was planned that a parking lot would take the place of the old farmhouse. As a result, the couple was forced to physically move the dilapidated farmhouse to a different location. To our good fortune, David had a vacant piece of property in the neighborhood that he had purchased without any particular plan in mind.

This piece of land would eventually become the setting for the couple’s first significant restoration undertakings, as well as the home in which they would raise their growing family of seven.

The Couple Currently Has F
ive Children

The HGTV celebrity couple is the proud parents of five young children. As the couple’s first children, Nathan and Ben, who were identical twins, were a gift from heaven. The age of the twin as of this moment is nine years old. The ages of Sylvie, who is seven, Charlotte, who is five, and Luke, who is one, round out the family’s complement of children.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is located in Central Africa, is where the couple adopted their daughter Sylvie. After viewing Sylvie’s adoption profile on the internet, Dave and Jenny immediately got started on the adoption procedure. In order for the couple to finally see their adopted daughter Sylvie, they had to wait a total of 602 days due to the big obstacle.

They are head over heels in love with being parents

From the perspective of the pair, who went from Fixer to Fabulous, their family is the most important thing in the world. The happy couple is the proud parents of five charming offspring. Jenny never misses an opportunity to update her followers on social media with new images of her adorable children and the achievements they’ve just achieved.

In August of 2022, Jenny shared on her Instagram account a photograph that she had taken of Luke on his first day of school. She captioned that although she has done this four times before, the feeling of bonding she experiences when watching her children grow to spread their wings and find their footing in their own little world never gets old.

During that time, Dave considered Jenny to be his “sugar mother”

In 2004, not long after the couple’s relocation to Arkansas, Dave established his own building company, which he named Marrs Developing. Jenny’s job goals at the time included becoming successful in both marketing and sales. Despite this, she participated in the design process to the greatest extent that she could. In spite of the fact that she had not received any formal training in design (since she had focused her undergraduate studies on marketing and public relations), she had always enjoyed coming in touch with the creative part of herself.

“We had no money, and I was working a legitimate job. Because he was just getting started, people called me the “sugar mother.” “Jenny playfully joked in 2018. She disclosed that she officially parted ways with her previous employer and began working alongside Dave at Marrs Developing full-time in 2012, which was eight years after the inception of the company.

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