Obituary: Nicole Hazen Brain Cancer And Death Cause – Where Is Her Husband Mike Hazen Now?

After losing her battle with brain cancer, Nicole Hazen’s passing is mourned by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Mike Hazen’s wife Nicole was the general manager.

Nicole was a passionate teacher in the middle school. She had a way with people, particularly with Diamondbacks players and their wives.

The Hazen family said, “Without the love and generosity of our community, we would not have been able to travel down this journey, alongside her.”

Nicole Hazen

Nicole Hazen

Obituary: Nicole Hazen Brain Cancer And Death Cause

On Thursday, Nicole Hazen passed away at the age of 45. According to azcentral, glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, complications were the reason of death.

When Hazen started having seizures in the summer of 2020, doctors found that she had an aggressive tumour in the front left portion of her brain.

It was ultimately discovered that the culprit was glioblastoma, an aggressive and fatal disease.

Even after beginning surgeries and other treatments, she continued to work as an English instructor at St. Francis Xavier in Phoenix until the end of 2021.

After receiving her diagnosis, Nicole established the Nicole Hazen Fund for Hope, which raised money for glioblastoma research and treatments.

Nicole Hazen And Mike Hazen Kids Charlie, John, Teddy, Sam

While he was the Indians’ associate farm director, Mike Hazen and Nicole Marie Ferrara became friends.

Charlie, John, Sam, and Teddy were the four kids that the Hazen couple had together.

After their marriage, Nicole stopped teaching when they had their first child. The family later moved to Boston after Mike was hired by the Red Sox.

Her husband Mike added, “She would sacrifice anything for the kids and for her kids.

They took in three more kids while they were living in Boston. She eventually went back to teaching after the family moved to Arizona in the fall of 2016. She agreed to take a job at St. Francis Xavier, where the Hazen boys went to school.

Nicole Hazen Net Worth Before Death

Nicole Hazen was well known to the general public as the spouse of Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Mike Hazen. Her estimated net worth at the time of her death was at least $1 million.

Her exact profits have not yet been made public, though. Mike, on the other hand, reportedly possesses about $8.35 million, according to a report from

Her tenacious attitude was evident in every brave stride she took and in her efforts to have an impact on therapy and research while also bringing hope to those who had received a similar diagnosis.

She devoted every day of her life to helping others as a mother, wife, and educator who encouraged morality.

Where Is Nicole Hazen Husband Mike Hazen?

Mike Hazen, Nicole’s spouse, is presently in Phoneix, Arizona. In Major League Baseball, he serves as the executive vice president and general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Mike claims that baseball has always been Nicole’s passion. She spent the entire time with us eating, sleeping, and drinking baseball, he observed.

Even recently, he claimed, she would “burst out in a great smile” at the mere mention of Merrill Kelly’s stellar outings for the Diamondbacks.

Mike, Nicole’s spouse, and their four children Charlie, John, Teddy, and Sam are left behind.

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