Nicole Tarantini: who is she? Whereabouts Of Actress In 2022

Nicole Tarantini: who is she? Whereabouts Of Actress In 2022

Nicole Tarantini is an actress best known for her work on the television shows Diagnosis: Murder and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Nicole Tarantini

Nicole Tarantini

Nicole Tarantini: Who Is She?

Nicole Tarantini is an actress best known for playing Marnie in the 2000 movie Whatever It Takes.

The movie, an American teen comedy film directed by David Rayner and made in the country, stars Shane West, Marla Sokoloff, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and James Franco. It became accessible to the general public in the United States on March 31, 2000. The narrative of the film is a modern interpretation of Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de Bergerac.

Nicole has also made appearances in a number of other shows. She has appeared in episodes of Diagnosis: Murder and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, respectively. Additionally, she has acted in movies including “My Boyfriend’s Back” and “Whatever It Takes.”

Films starring Nicole Tarantini

Nicole Tarantini played Mackenzie on “The Young and the Restless” in the 1973 season. Carla Padilla was the character she played in the 1993 film “Diagnosis Murder.”

In the movie “Whatever It Takes” from 2000, she portrayed Marnie. In the season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2000, she played Jill Wentworth on a regular basis. She played Jody Pierce on “Boston Public” in 2000. In the movie “All of Us,” which came out in 2003, she played the Customer.

The television shows and films in which Nicole Tarantini has appeared are listed below.

Nicole Tarantini Filmography

Movie/Series Year Role Episode
Whatever It Takes 2000 Marnie
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 Jill Wentworth Pledging Mr. Johnson
Diagnosis Murder 2000 Carla Padilla The Cradle Will Rock
Boston Public 2001 Jody Pierce Chapter Ten
The Young And The Restless 2001 Mackenzie Episode #1.7128
All Of Us 2006 Customer Pass The Peas
Kitchen Confidential 2006 Beautiful Woman #1 Praise Be Praise

In every film and television project Nicole has been a part of, she has appeared as a guest star. Nicole Tarantini didn’t make an appearance in any movies or TV episodes after 2006.

Lauren Tarantini Throughout The Young and the Restless

In The Young and the Restless, Nicole portrayed Mackenzie.

The Young and the Restless, a CBS television soap opera, features the made-up character Mackenzie Browning. The most recent performer of the part was Clementine Ford, who played it from April 1, 2009, through November 5, 2010.

Lauren Tarantini Within Boston Public

Nicole Tarantini played Jody Pierce in Chapter Ten of the novel Boston Public in 2001.

In Chapter 10, Nicole is revealed to be Jody.

In Chapter Ten of her book, Sheryl Holt explains the secret relationship that Milton and Lisa had been having. Because Harper thinks Buttle may have been involved sexually, she confronts him.

Riley, on the other hand, is currently coping with a another potentially explosive situation in which three male students were severely abused by an unidentified bully.

Nicole Tarantini Net Worth

The estimated value of Nicole Tarantini is $500,000.

Her roles in numerous television shows and motion pictures have increased her wealth.

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