Meet Tinx’s Photographer Boyfriend Sansho Scott, Her Dating Life and Relationship History

Sansho Scott is 37 years old at the moment. Furthermore, his website states that he was born on May 14, 1985. He was born in the United States of America and reared there. As a result, he is an American citizen.

In addition, he currently works as a photographer at Sansho Scott Photography. Sa2nsho Scott is a photographer from the United States. He grew raised on New York City’s lower east side, where he was exposed to fashion and city life.

Likewise, he returned to New York after four years in Los Angeles to resume his career. Sansho began his photography career by photographing street fashion for web and e-mail marketing. 

This is still his specialty, but he also does portrait, headshot, concert, travel, and landscape photography.

Who Is Tinx?

Christina Najjar, often known as Tinx, is an American content creator with a large following. She is well known for her TikTok “rich mom” imitation, as well as her mini-vlogs and suggestion videos.

In May 2020, she began posting on TikTok. Najjar quickly became recognized for her “rich mom starter kits,” in which she deconstructs “rich mom” clichés in major cities.

Tinx’s first TikTok video was posted as she was eating the renowned Health Nut Kardashian salad. The video went viral and received over a million views.

She became even more well-known and was able to develop a community on the network with her “rich mom starting pack” videos. Because she is known for speaking into a small microphone, people frequently refer to the 30-year-old as TikTok’s “big sister.”

Tinx’s Age: How Old Is She?

Tinx was born Christina Najjar on September 19, 1990, and is 30 years old. Tinx was born in Washington, D.C., although she grew up in London and attended a girls-only school. When she was 19, she came to California to study English literature and creative writing at Stanford University.

After graduating from Stanford University, the influencer began working in retail. Before earning her master’s degree in fashion journalism from Parsons, she worked for Gap Inc., Banana Republic, and Poshmark, according to Vogue.

The influential individual attended Stanford University and began working in retail following graduation. According to Vogue, before earning her master’s degree in fashion journalism from Parsons, she worked for Gap Inc., Banana Republic, and Poshmark.


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