Meet The Free Diver’s Wife Nina Melo and Children

Francisco Pipin Ferreras: Meet The Free Diver’s Wife Nina Melo and Children

Francisco Rodriguez, a native of Cuba, is a free diver who is also known by the alias Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras.

The freediver is famous for his achievements in deep diving as well as his relationship with his ex-wife, Audrey Mestre. Ferreras is a native of Matanzas, which is located on the northern coast of Cuba. He started free diving when he was just five years old. As a child, the well-known free diver with the professional pedigree was given the nickname “Pipin,” which he eventually added the surname Ferreras to.

The athlete started his career in the water with spearfishing, which at the time was a somewhat obscure activity. Pipin, the athlete, was discovered to be practicing the sport of freediving for the first time by a group of Italian tourists who were vacationing in Cuba at the time. The tourists from other countries who were in Cuba were excited to see what he could do.

The athlete’s admirers in the diving world didn’t have to wait long before he developed a passionate attachment to the sport. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that while spearfishing and diving for black coral, he was routinely diving to the same depth as the free diving champs. He also made the decision to compete in the sport and at the age of 27 he broke his first world record.

Nina Melo: Francisco Pipin Ferreras’s Wife

The marriage of Francisco Pipin has brought him nothing but joy. The accomplished scuba diver just tied the knot with a stunning woman whose name is Nina Melo.

After the unthinkable passing of Pipin’s first wife Audrey, he has found happiness again with his second wife Melo. The expert diver found love once more after enduring a period of grieving lasting ten years following the death of his first wife.

On June 21, 2012, he tied the knot with Juscelina Cacau Melo, better known as Nina, a Canadian model who had previously worked in South Beach.

The couple made the decision to get married in Miami, Florida, in the company of their relatives and close friends. It has been reported that the couple has been seen free-diving together ever after they got married.

In point of fact, Nina disclosed the information in an interview that the model did not begin free diving until after she met her current partner, Francisco.

Nina credits Pipin with being the one who encouraged her to participate in the water activity, and now Nina considers herself to be a free diver as well.

On top of that, Nina stated that in addition to free diving, the pair also goes spearfishing together, where they hunt fishes that Francisco will cook. Francisco would cook the fish that they caught.

Francisco Rodriguez: Who Is He?

Francisco Rodriguez, also known as Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras, is a Cuban free diver who was born on January 18, 1962. He is well known for his accomplishments in deep free diving and for his relationship with his wife, Audrey Mestre. Francisco Rodriguez is also known as Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras.

Life of Francisco Rodriguez

Ferreras was born in Matanzas, which is located on the northern coast of Cuba. He first tried his hand at free diving when he was 5 years old. Since he was a toddler, people have called him “Pipin,” and he subsequently added Ferreras to the end of it.

Spearfishing, at the time a very obscure activity, was where he got his start in the aquatic world. Pipin got his start in the sport of free diving thanks to a group of Italian tourists who were in Cuba at the time. They were quick to see his innate skill. He fell in love with the sport and quickly found that, when spearfishing and diving for black coral, he consistently dived as deep as the champions of free diving. This realization led him to become a free diving champion. At the age of 27, he made the decision to begin competing in the sport professionally and set his first world record in the process.

That was just the first of the 21 world records he has already established for himself. In the late 1980s and onward, he built a name for himself in the so-called “No-Limits” discipline of freediving. It was in November 1989 that he established his first known world record, which was a depth of 112 meters (367 feet). Soon after that, he fled to Italy and eventually settled in Florida, which is located in the United States. Throughout the decade of the 1990s, he achieved a long list of World Records, frequently competing with the Italian Umberto Pelizzari for the record. During this period, Ferreras’ final recorded record dive took place in January 2000 at a depth of 162 meters (531 feet), which was 12 meters (39 feet) deeper than Pelizzari’s deepest record dive.

The competition between Ferreras and Pelizzari was the primary topic of the IMAX production Ocean Men: Extreme Dive, which was released in 2001 and directed by Bob Talbot, a well-known underwater photographer.

In direct opposition to the organization AIDA, Ferreras founded the sports association International Association of Freedivers (IAFD) in 1996. Despite having some success in the sport, the association did not achieve significant levels of success and ceased operations in 2004. During this time period, every one of Ferreras’ record dives was completed within the confines of IAFD.

Francisco Rodriguez’s Relationship Timeline

Relationship with Audrey Mestre Ferreras already had two failed marriages under his belt when, in 1996, he began dating Audrey Mestre, a Mexican-born French national who was also a freediver. Audrey Mestre was born in France. They tied the knot in 1999, and soon after, they established themselves as a consistent record-breaking duo in the sport of freediving, breaking both men’s and women’s records between the two of them.

On October 12, 2002, Mestre passed away while making an early attempt to break the 160-meter (520-foot) no-limits world record that Tanya Streeter had established a few weeks earlier on August 17, 2002 (it was at the time both men and women’s official AIDA record). The setup that Mestre was using did not comply with common freediving safety standards.

Ferreras received a significant amount of criticism from the diving community because he rushed an organization with insufficient funding to complete a new record attempt that had been scheduled for a later time. This attempt was notable for having an inadequate number of safety divers, inadequate rescue equipment, and an absence of doctors both at sea and on shore. Holding on to a weighted sled all the way to the depth objective in a no-limits freedive is the conventional diving method. Once at the depth target, the freediver then opens a pressurized air tank, which fills a big inflatable balloon, which brings them back up to the surface. When Mestre reached her goal depth of 171 meters during her tragic dive, this oxygen tank was already depleted of its contents (561 ft).

Ferreras was in charge of Mestre’s air tank, and he refused to let any member of the crew check to s
ee if the tank had been charged. Mestre was not recovered to the surface until nine minutes into her dive. She had a pulse at the surface, but there were no medical doctors available to treat her, and minutes were wasted with Ferreras attempting to resuscitate her while she was submerged in the water. Mestre was not recovered until nine minutes into her dive. Ferreras was the one who dove from the surface wearing scuba gear and found the body of Mestre after he had gone out.

Ferreras accomplished a no-limits dive exactly one year after Mestre’s passing in order to reach the same depth as Mestre (561 ft).

Compatibility with Nina Ferreras

Pipin wed Juscelina Cacau Melo, a Canadian model who had previously worked in South Beach, on June 21, 2012 in Miami, Florida. In the diving community, Nina Ferreras is also known as Juscelina Cacau Melo.

Following Audrey’s passing, Ferreras created a book entitled The Dive, which was ghostwritten by Linda Robertson.

In 2010, James Cameron was able to purchase the movie rights and was going to co-produce the movie.

In January of 2015, it was revealed that Academy Award–winning actress Jennifer Lawrence would be taking on the role of Audrey Mestre. The director is Francis Lawrence, who was also responsible for The Hunger Games. The movie was supposed to be released in 2017, but as of September 2022, there has been no word on when it would actually be released.

From Popin’s Family Life of the Free Diver

On January 18, 1962, Francisco Ferreras made his debut into the world in Matanzas, Cuba. Ferreras, popularly known as Pippin, started his diving career at a young age and has become a well-known figure in the sport.

Pippin was able to demonstrate that he had parents that loved and supported him by beginning his interest at a young age and turning it into a career.

The freediver, on the other hand, has been adamant about keeping his family and the lives of his parents away from the public eye.

Despite this, we are aware that he and his wife Nina Melo are presently leading a contented life in Miami, Florida, where they have made their home. Over the past decade, Ferreras has been happily married to Nina, who is also his present wife.

The former professional free diver is now 60 years old and has three million dollars stashed away in his bank account. He leads a peaceful life.

Despite the fact that the professional diver seems to have put the past few controversies and allegations behind him, he is currently at ease. Ferreras has been subjected to a number of inconveniences.

Some people believe that he cheated on a few of his no-limits dives by taking a breath mid-dive from a hose that was attached to the sled and stuffed the balloon with air.

Many individuals have accused him of being pompous and arrogant, while many others have cast doubt on his abilities as an athlete.

Audrey Mestre was Francisco’s First Wife and Their Children

Ferreras, a free diver, had previously been married to Audrey. Nina became his second wife. One of the reasons for the professional diver’s widespread notoriety is that he is a partner in the powerful partnership that is Francisco and Audrey.

In 1996, the professional diver tied the knot with his first wife, Audrey Mestre, who was born in Mexico and competed in freediving.

The couple began to feel fondness for one another throughout the course of their relationship and eventually were married in 1999. However, the married pair did not have any children together throughout their time together.

The newlyweds quickly established themselves as one of the most dominant forces in the world of freediving, shattering numerous records in both the men’s and women’s categories.

The couple had settled into married life and were having fun together, but Mestre was taken from this world in a tragic way before they had reached their third wedding anniversary.

On October 12, 2002, Mestre passed away while making an early effort to break the world record for the distance of 160 meters without limitations.

When Mestre reached her goal depth of 171 meters, the oxygen tank was empty, thus she decided to abort the dive that would have ended in her death. The mechanical problems caused her to do so.

Mestre was not brought to the surface until nine minutes had passed since the beginning of her dive; although she had a pulse when she reached the surface, there was no medical staff available to treat her.

During the time when Ferreras was attempting to set a new record on that particular day, she went under the water while wearing her diving gear to retrieve Mestre’s lifeless body.

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