Meet MLB Outfielder Ian Happ Fiance Julie Mazur, When Are They Getting Married? Every Details Update

American professional baseball outfielder Ian Happ, who is 27 years old, just dropped down on one knee to propose to the love of his life.

Happ, who was born on August 12th, 1994, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, committed to play baseball for the University of Cincinnati after graduating from Mt. Lebanon High School. Later, Ian was chosen by the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the 2015 MLB draft, and he made his franchise debut in 2017.

Ian Happ Fiance Julie Mazur

Ian Happ Fiance Julie Mazur

Who is Julie Mazur? Meet Ian Happ’s Girlfriend

The Major League Baseball outfielder Ian Happ from the United States who plays for the Chicago Cubs is engaged to Julie Mazur.

According to The Focus, Mazur attended Illinois State University where she earned a degree in organizational leadership through communication. She worked for Target as an executive team leader in human resources after receiving her degree until she was promoted to the Highland Park branch.

Later in the year, Julie began working as a learning and development professional for DHR Global, a business consulting firm. She started working as their manager of global learning and development in January 2021.

Are They Getting Married? Wife To Be

Ian and Julie are not yet wed, but they do plan to walk down the aisle and exchange vows soon. The exact date has not yet been made public.

On May 3, 2022, the athlete confirmed their engagement on social media. Even though the baseball player usually kept his love life out of the spotlight, his followers knew about it.

We don’t know how long they dated before making the most important choice because Happ never told us when he started dating his lover or when they commemorate their love anniversary every year.

Mazur has also had a secret Instagram account with the username @juliemazur_. Similar to this, the attractive fiancee of the baseball player shared her 256 posts with a small number of followers.

Who Are Ian Happ’s Parents?

The baseball player has posted a few photos of his family on social media. Ian was born to his adored parents, Keith and Mary Beth Happ, and has a brother named Chris.

However, he hasn’t revealed any information about his parents’ occupations or means of support, so little is known about papa and mamma Happ.

Keith and Mary also appear to have kept a safe distance from social media platforms since they do not have an Instagram account but do occasionally show up on their son’s feed.

To give the athlete a sense of worth and love, they nevertheless make a point of going to as many of his games as they can. So that his supporters are aware of his childhood, it is hoped that Happ will give more information about his upbringing and specifics about his loved ones.

Meet Ian Happ On Instagram

Happ utilizes Instagram, where he posts as @ihapp 1, as a way to interact with his followers and let them know about his accomplishments.

The athlete has written 188 posts on social networking sites about his sports lifestyle and occasionally on his personal life; he values privacy over attention and leads a calm life.

In addition, Ian currently has 130k followers on social media, and this number will probably rise. Similar to this, the baseball player earns extra cash by signing endorsement deals with numerous firms through Instagram.

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