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Meet John Cena’s ‘Black Twin’ Brendan Cobbina aka Jamal Cena

While John Cena has made major moves since endorsing his Black Twin, nothing has been written about Brendan Cobbina.

Actor and wrestler, John Cena shared a photo of bodybuilder and trainer Brendan Cobbina last year in August. He shared the photograph on his verified Instagram account without a caption.

Over the past year, John Cena has been busy with starring roles in The Suicide Squad and the spinoff series Peacemaker. Social media users have been rallying for Cena to find a role where his ‘Black Twin’ can appear alongside him.

Cobbina like John Cena is an avid bodybuilder who has built a career around his favourite passion. He is from the United Kingdom and says that he was not expecting to go viral for his uncanny resemblance to former WWE superstar John Cena.

On 8 August 2021, Brendan Cobbina tweeted out a picture of himself celebrating his friend’s birthday in Brighton. Cobbina who has been dubbed, Jamal Cena, anticipated a few likes and comments but much to his surprise he woke up to thousands.

He said this was not the first time people had pointed out his uncanny resemblance to the F9: The Fast Saga star. Cobbina said he started bodybuilding to improve his confidence and self-esteem after struggling with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem during his teenage years.

He went to university and started hitting the gym at the end of 2016 and only started lifting weights regularly at the beginning of 2017. Brendan Cobbina is the owner of OmegaMuscles and co-hosts a podcast titled Professional Heels with Gavin Gabriel.

The podcast features episodes where John Cena’s ‘Black Twin’ and his co-host predict the outcome of major WWE pay-per-view events such as the just-ended Extreme Rules 2022. They also talk about the fitness industry and invite wrestlers as special guests.

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