Lynn Gilmartin And Her Husband Angel Guillen Have A Baby Together

Lynn Gilmartin is best known as an anchor of the World Poker Tour. She is in the cast of Netflix God’s Favorite Idiot premiering its first season on June 15, 2022. 

Lynn is an Australian actress and TV host. She has been the anchor of the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Networks (US) since 2013. She initially appeared on Australian and British television in 2012 as the host of Crown’s Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

Gilmartin made her cinematic debut in 2018 as Gemma in the film Museo (2018). Since then, she has acted in a few Australian feature films: How Do You Know Chris? (2020), The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020), and This Little Love of Mine (2020). (2021). She is appearing on a Netflix comedy series named God’s Favorite Idiot on June 15, 2022.

Lynn is happily married to her husband, Angel Guillen, and they have an adorable son named Bodhi Angel Guillen. The pair welcomed their son on July 8, 2021, weighing 4.15kg (9lb 2oz).

The couple has never been this happy with the birth of their son. After the birth of their son, Lynn posted on her Instagram, explaining how grateful she was for his son. She stated the pair felt like they were dazed in a dream.

Lynn Gilmartin with her husband, Angel Guillen and son, Bodhi Angel Guillen

They refer to their son as “Bodhi, our little wisdom tree.” After the baby was born, in 24 hours, everything was going fine until the next few days, Lynn had a problem breastfeeding. 

She explained in her Instagram post that her milk was coming in late, and Bodhi was not getting the required amount of milk. She used machines and tried to make the milk flow, but the nipple damage and the mental stress of feeling like she was failing were all hindering the process. 

Finally, at 3 am on day 4, exhausted and strapped to the pump, the pair saw the first drop of milk come through, and she burst into tears. The baby will be one year old in July 2022. He is a healthy and happy boy with his parents’ care and love. 

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Gilmartin is happily married to a professional poker player and World Poker Tour Mexico Commentator, Angel Guillen. He is a former player and winner of the World Series of PokerStars team. 

He earned the grand prize of $530,548.00 after defeating 1,534 other competitors. He also won the famous gold bracelet against player Mika Paasonen.

He holds a Mexican nationality. The pair began dating in 2009, and their relationship has remained strong. Gilmartin met Guillen in 2009 when Angel participated in the annual World Series Poker 2009. The duo bonded well because they shared the same interest in poker. They have been together for almost a decade and are still going strong.

The lovebird has the time of their lives because they frequently spend time together while on vacation in exotic locations. The couple was seen having a romantic time at places such as Mama Shelter, Los Angeles, Florence, Italy, Port de cassis, France, and many more.

Moving across the world to report on poker might be exhausting, but the money earned is quite impressive. Although Lynn has not revealed her net worth, she must have amassed a fantastic amount of wealth as a well-renowned anchor and actress.

Scrolling through her social media, it is evident that the actress loves luxurious items and spends a lot of money on them. Moreover, she likes shopping for exclusive brands and traveling to exotic locations. 

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