Leva Bonaparte Has Had Quite A Weight Loss Journey On Bravo’s Southern Charm

Leva Bonaparte from Southern Charm had plastic surgery soon after she had her son, and she was very open about it.

In season 7, Leva joined the cast of Southern Charm. So far, she and the other cast members stand out a lot. Leva has been on Southern Charm since the first season. She is a friend of Cameran Eubanks, who is one of the stars. Leva is mostly in the background, but she often gives Shep Rose and Craig Conover advice about their relationships.

On March 3, 2014, Bravo began showing the American reality show Southern Charm. The Southern Charm show is about seven socialites who live in the same neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina. It follows their personal and professional lives.

Leva looks like she has lost weight, and people want to know more about her, including how she lost weight.

Southern Charm follows Leva Bonaparte’s journey to lose weight

Leva Bonaparte said on Instagram that online body shamers made fun of her body. She even replied to people who made fun of her body on social media, which she did well.

Leva said in an Instagram post that she tells people it’s okay if they think she looks fat on TV and that she still looks cute when they say that. In the same piece, she told people to love the way their bodies are shaped.

The mother from Charleston said that changing her diet and working out helped her lose “a good chunk” of weight, but she still had some “stubborn spots” she couldn’t get rid of. She then decided to meet board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford and get some work done.

She wasn’t sure of herself, but that didn’t keep her from getting ahead in life. She also said that it is clear and normal for a woman’s body to change after she has a baby. But after she had her son, Leva Bonaparte accepted how her body had changed and liked the way she looked.

In a later Instagram post, Leva gave more details about how her weight loss was going. She said that she was a quiet, private person who thought that one’s body and feelings were very sacred and private. But her fans and followers often leave her comments asking how she lost weight and what she did.

Did Leva Bonaparte have surgery to help her lose weight?

Leva Bonaparte, who is on the show Southern Charm, said that she had never had elective surgery until she started working on getting a new body.

She has always made sure to eat well, exercise, and drink enough water. Things started going wrong when she found out she was having trouble getting pregnant. It was hard and stressful for her to be in her mid-30s and not have children.

She went through several hormone treatments to deal with her worries about getting pregnant. Because of these treatments, Leva gained 15 pounds. She was happy with her weight gain, though, because she was able to get pregnant and have a baby boy thanks to the treatments.

Leva, on the other hand, ate some bad things when she was pregnant. Leva Bonaparte gained 70 lbs. due to her pregnancy cravings. She gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy. After giving birth to her child, Leva was able to lose 3/4 of the weight she had gained during her pregnancy.

Leva said it was hard for her to lose the weight she gained while she was pregnant. So, she accepted that and kept carrying around the extra weight she still couldn’t lose. The most important thing for her was not to lose half the weight she had gained.

How did Leva Bonaparte drop a lot of pounds? About Her Health

Leva said that in addition to diet and exercise, a plastic surgeon helped her “tweak” her body so that she could lose weight. Leva Bonaparte started going to the gym five days a week for 40 minutes. She changed the way she ate and stopped eating carbohydrates.

Leva lost about 20 pounds after all her hard work. Even though she did cardio every day and cut back on carbs, she didn’t get the results she wanted.

Leva’s weight was still a problem, even though she had lost some weight. She thought that her body had changed since she had her baby, and there were still some areas of fat that she couldn’t get rid of. Leva finally went to see Dr. Clayton Crantford, a plastic surgeon, after she decided to see a doctor about it.

Leva was very skeptical and nervous about her appointment with the doctor at first. But after she saw Dr. Clayton, she was no longer worried and felt completely sure of his opinion. Leva also said that she loves how her body has changed and how she looks now.

Leva decided to get plastic surgery because she likes the way her body looks now. The star of Southern Charm feels strong because she is happy with how she looks. Leva is a big supporter of going with your gut. Most of her backers agree with the things she does.

Leva Bonaparte in Season 7 of Southern Charm

Due to the end of season six of Southern Charm, Cameran decided to leave the show after fellow cast member Kathryn Dennis spread a rumor that her husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an affair with a nearby makeup artist. In season 7 of Southern Charm, Leva took Cameran’s place as a full-time member of the cast.

She quickly had everything she needed to deal with Kathryn, whom she planned to talk to about the cheating charges. But when a monkey emoji went wrong, Leva had to “teach” Kathryn about racial issues.

During her first season on Southern Charm, Leva felt a lot of pressure because she was the show’s first regular woman of color. The owner of the restaurant is also married to Lamar Bonaparte, and the two of them have a son named Lamar Jr. Even though Lamar wasn’t on Southern Charm much, fans noticed that their lives were different from those of the other cast members.

Leva, who is 43 and older than most of her coworkers, was more worried about her family and job than she was about a fight between Southern Charm actors.

What is Leva Bonaparte?

Leva Bonaparte is an American model, actress, and reality TV star who is known for being on the seventh season of the American reality TV show Southern Charm. She also owned and ran restaurants and nightclubs in the U.S. state of South Carolina. This article would be about Leva Bonaparte’s life, including her age, husband, restaurant, son, plastic surgery, bars, weight loss, net worth, and other facts. First, let’s look at the information about her below.

Leva Bonaparte Biography

Leva Bonaparte was born in India on May 3, 1979. She was raised in Bolivia and Canada. She is of Persian descent, and her sister, Dr. Mona Haj, is a specialist in internal medicine. Her star sign is Taurus, and not much is known about her parents, like who they are or where they live.

Leva joined Southern Charm after Cameron Eubanks left the show because her husband was having an affair with another woman. S
he was a guest star from the first season until the sixth season. From the seventh season until the eighth season, she was a main character.

Son and Husband of Leva Bonaparte

Lamar Bonaparte, who was born in Charleston, is married to Leva Bonaparte. He got a degree in accounting from South California University, where he also went to school. They met in 2013, and on January 29, 2018, they had their first son. They started and own 26 businesses that market, promote, and plan events in Charleston. Now, they have two sons.

Leva Bonaparte Career

Leva is best known for her part in the TV series Southern Charm. The show pays her about $25,000 per season. She took over for Cameran Eubanks, who left the show The Southern Charm after the sixth season. Sources say that Eubanks left the show after Kathryn Dennis said that her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, was cheating on her. Eubanks denied this and said that her husband was faithful to her.

Eubanks decided to leave the show, so Bonaparte, who was friends with Eubanks, took over. He went from having a small role to being a main cast member and making a lot of money.

Leva Bonaparte Restaurant, Bars

Leva runs a lot of restaurants and bars in Charleston with her husband. Republic, Bourbon N’ Bubbles, and Mesu are just a few of their restaurants. During the Covid19 pandemic, she had to close some of her restaurants, but they reopened after people were allowed to move around again.

Leva Bonaparte got plastic surgery and lost weight.

Leva said on her Instagram that she had surgery after giving birth because she gained weight. She also said that she worked out a lot, but because she couldn’t lose weight in some places, she went to see Dr. Clayton Crantfor, who did the surgery.

Leva Bonaparte Instagram

Leva uses Instagram a lot, and she has a verified account with the handle @levabonaparte. She often posts photos of herself and her family to the account, which has more than 100,000 followers.

Leva Bonaparte Net worth

Leva has been a famous person for a long time, but she also worked in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years and made a lot of money during that time. It is thought that she is worth about $3.6 million. Her family runs a global business. She and her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, also run a business in Charleston called Republic Development and Management Group. It was started in 2011 and works with many businesses, such as restaurants and nightclubs. The couple has also tried their hand at selling cars.

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