Lauren Searle, Who Is Cameron Monaghan Girlfriend and How Long Have They Been Dating?

Reminiscing on the old photos of Cameron Monaghan and Lauren Searle, fans think their relationship is going strong. There have been various moments when fans could not take their eyes off the couple. 

Although they rarely shared pictures of themselves and were private about their relationship, some moments were shared on thier respective IG story, which would awe the fans. 

For instance, the first picture of them together in a tent where they were sharing a smooch confirmed their relationship. In the following days, they spent time together on Valentine’s day. Likewise, they had 

Cameron Was Previously Dating Peyton List

Monaghan was previously dating actress and model Peyton R. List before he started seeing Lauren. He went public with his relationship with the actress public in September 2017.

The pair had met on the Anthem of a Teenage Prophet set. They were together for two years before some news sources announced their breakup in January 2019.

However, Cameron has not only been in love with Peyton. He was dating Ruby Modine before Peyton. He and Ruby were co-actors in the comedy-drama series Shameless. But, their relationship was for a brief time. They dated from October 2016- March 2017. 

Cameron and Lauren Confirmed Dating Through An Intimate Picture Together

Cameron and Lauren sparked rumors of dating when they started posting pictures of themselves on September 2020. But, fans believe they may have been seeing each other before that. 

However, their relationship got confirmation when the actor shared a picture of them being intimate during their short vacation (probably trek). Following that, they often used to be in each other’s IG stories.

On February 14, 2021, Cameron shared a picture of Lauren where she was pictured with one of her Supacoolart. The actor tagged her in his story and called her his “valentine.” 

There Are No Photos Of Them In Their Social Media Handle

Lauren and Cameron were going strong until March 2022. They were pictured together during the world premiere of Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California. 

Some of their fans shared a picture of them where they were seen celebrating one year of their relationship on July 2021. It was taken from Lauren’s IG story. 

However, as of September 18, 2022, there are no pictures of them on social media. The couple had previously shared a few photos of them together on their respective social media handles, which are no longer available. 

It has sparked some breakup rumors about them, but none have confirmed it. It may be possible that they may have hidden or deleted their pictures from social media for privacy purposes. 


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