Kyrsten Sinema Net Worth

Kyrsten Sinema Net worth is $100 thousand in 2022. Kyrsten has been working as a senior Senator from the Democratic party since 2019.

As per the reports in popular media, her net worth has increased after she took over the position of Senator as Arizona representative in the US Senate.

As per The New York Times report, in 2021, Kyrsten raised funds with five lobbying business groups, among whom most opposed the social policy and climate bill.

The US Sun reported in one of its articles that the senator took more than $750,000 as donations before opposing the plan to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Kyrsten has received a donation of at least $29,000 since 2017 from New York-based firm Centerbridge Partners.

Not only that, but records show she has also been contributed the amount of $44,100 in two months span by a private equity KKR at the end of 2021.

As per the Forbes report of December 2021, Sinema has many billionaire supporters who have contributed to her.

But many people are now connecting her increased wealth with her controversial and questionable decisions in Senate.

Kyrsten Sinema controversies

Kyrsten Sinema is known as a progressive politician in the US Senate. Kyrsten has often been in headlines for her action as a senator.

From voting against Former US President Donald Trump to impeachment him both times to opposing the bill of increasing minimum wages, Kyrsten’s actions have always made people reconsider her political ambitions.

Kyrsten has received many black-lash from her companions and supporters for opposing the Democratic party’s national agendas.

Her decision to support Republicans in voting against the Green New Deal has raised questions about her loyalty to her party.

Not only that, her decision regarding not supporting the raising of the tax rate for the wealthy and corporations also grabbed the attention of protestors and activists.

Sinema has supported various bills regarding LGBT+, Gun control, infrastructure, and religious liberty. According to Politico, she has also supported the two Democratic Party-line bills this Congress, one on Corona Virus and the other on Climate, Prescription Drugs, and Taxes.

Sinema opposed the bills related to minimum wage raise and reform of the filibuster system of the Senate, which caused an uproar in the US Senate. Her opposition to Biden’s domestic agenda and the Democratic Party’s national concern issued political controversies.

Her action of opposing the bill gained major criticism from the Democratic Party and the general public. Many protestors even protested in front of her office regarding her decisions.

Her vote against the Bills has caused a halt in the process of taking them to the House of Representatives causing heated discussion among people.

The Democratic party censured Kyrsten in January 2022 for not ensuring the health of democracy. And many asked or suggested that she should choose the path of an independent politician rather than being a party member.

Her action of opposing the bills related to wages increment, passing immigration bills, and keeping Filibuster has made her the center of public criticism.

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